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proud of myself

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I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes early today ... I used a speed of 3.5, and got the incline up to 4.0 .... It equaled to be 1.75 miles that I walked! Yesterday, I rollerbladed around the block. I would've gone longer, but my feet were hurting me, and my shins were getting tight!

I also used my 2 lb. dumbbells, too!

I got a question for you workoutaholics: how do you work the upper part of your tricep (the part kinda near your armpit)? I did the workout where you point your elbows up .... if you know what I mean?
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Tigger - that is something to be proud of for sure. Let's see.........how did I work out yesterday? Oh I remember, I walked to the candy machine - ran to the fridge to get a soda, and then a big old 'sit down' at the supper table!
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Well personally I walk on top of icy trailers,fall off and hang by my fingertips.
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Good for you Tigger...do some tricep kickbacks...get a good book, that's the best thing to do...I can sit here all day and rattle off different exercise's but if you don't see how they're executed, then what good is it? So, since you're off to a great start investing your time...invest about 12.00 in a good exercise routine book....I suggest "Now or Never" by Dr. Joyce Verdal...she's co-written books with many of the fitness stars (since they needed some help writing I guess), but she's an awesome lady...take care and good luck to you!

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Way to go Tigger!!! I am proud of you! I would love a treadmill myself, but I'm afraid they are too expensive, unless someone knows a place where they sell them cheaper, or maybe used ones.

Debra M., that sounds alot like my workout yesterday, too! :laughing:
I might also have done a "squat" to look under the chair for the missing potato chip....:LOL:
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oohhhh squats! I can do them too! How could I forget?
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