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Scrubbing the kitchen floor... what do I use?

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Hello everyone!

My kitchen floor is in dire need of a good scubbing. I was wondering if someone could suggest a cat-friendly cleaner for me to use...

I'm going to sectiong the little guys off until it dries, but I'm a little worried, nonetheless.

Any suggestions are most appreciated!
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What sort of flooring is it Jillian?
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vinegar and water is what I use (I have hardwood floors).
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Uhm... good question. It's... linoleum... I think. It's in one big sheet, not individual squares, but I'm pretty sure it's linolem.
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I forgot 1/2 c vinegar to one gallon warm water. I like Murphy's oil soap or Spic n Span or Mr clean too. If you have the mop or washtowel wrung pretty dry the floor will dry within minutes!! Or my mom would say "Wipe up those spills promptly" (HA!)
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Gail i have hardwood floors, does vinegar and water make them shine more?.

Linoleum is what i had in the bathroom before i had a carpet fitted, and i used to use a liquid dissolved in hot water called "Flash" which is an all purpose cleaner, and it done my two no harm.
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Is PineSol harmful? I know I have that on hand at home.
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Any health food store, co-op type of place such as Whole Foods has earth friendly cleaning supplies, most of which are pretty mild, often non toxic. They are a little more expensive but not that much. They are mild, smell nice and I think they work well. I would look there. I buy quite a few things there for cleaning, plus I make my own. All those harsh chemicals really aren't necessary. Personally, unless your floor is really, really dirty or made out of special materials that need special products, a nice bucket of mild soapy water should do the job.
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Actually, technically speaking, I'd bet it's probably sheet vinyl. It would be highly unusual if it were "real" linoleum.

Linoleum Lives On (This Old House)

It's kinda like folks calling all drywall "Sheetrock" or all copies "Xeroxes" .

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A Housekeeper
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Nice! I like that idea, xocats!

Thanks for the advice, everyone!
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I have always used Pine-Sol, and never had trouble with pets. But I read on another cat site that it can be harmful to cats.
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The only thing with "pine cleaners" they always remind me of a tavern as that is what they must use to clean the places!!. When we got our hardwood floors installed 10 yrs ago the installer recommended vinegar and water-it does make the floor shiny!!! (plus our floor in actually a 100 yr old floor we ripped out of a old schoolhouse so the vinegar brings out that nice golden color we have (its maple flooring). I don't have any vinyl/linoleum products in my house the "hard flooring" is either wood, limestone or ceramic flooring.
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Originally Posted by xocats
A Housekeeper
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i have always used Lysol all-purpose cleaner and then mop & glo... i have never had a problem, but i do run around chasing the cats trying to keep them away from the mopped area when i am done
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