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Cat not adjusting well to move

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About a month ago me, my Fiancé and my Cat Katie moved into our first house. I was very concerned how Katie would take this move. Katie has her own room up stairs with all her belongings (Cat tree, Cat bed, toys, food and water, litter box), but it has been a month and Katie will not go to the main floor, she stays up stairs, and most of the time in her room. I keep her door open all the time, at night as well. I have tied to bring her down stairs to the main floor and she gets so scared and runs back up stairs to her room. I am bothered by this because Anthony and I are on the main floor of the house most of the time, and I would like Katie to be in our company, I know she doesn’t like to be alone up stairs all the time because she would start meowing when she is lonely. I try to spend as much time as I can with Katie. I think Katie is now stuck in a habit of staying up stairs and will never going down stairs. Katie is 12 years old by the way.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do about this?
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I would suspect you are a victim of phantom pet stains. I would do several things. I would invest in a black light- and shine that downstairs and on the stairs at night to see if you can find any green glows. If you do find them, www.urine-off.com has a great product to remove old pet stains, and I would attack each one.

I would also invest in a few bottles of feliway spray and spray your stairs and the downstairs. Also buy some comfort zone room diffusers and plug those in- this should help Katie feel more at ease in her new setting.
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I suggest giving it more time. One month is not that much time. My buddy took nearly half a year to adjust to living with me. Your kitty is especially old and was used to being in the old place. Give her time, and she'll eventually go downstairs out of boredom or loneliness. The worst thing to do is to force her to go downstairs.
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When you've eliminated the possibility of residual pet stains (see hissy's post), then you can play with your cat using interactive cat toys, starting upstairs, leading to the stairs, and gradually leading down the stairs. Reward desired behavior with treats. She'll get positive associations with the stairs, and come to considerate the stairs and the lower level her territory, and not be afraid of coming down.
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Anthony and I had taken the old carpet and under lay out and put all new carpet in, and the main level has a laminate wood floor. I have also rubbed Katie's pillow on the walls so her scent is all around the house to make her feel more comfortable.

I will just have to be patient with Katie. Thank you for your advice everyone, it is greatly appreciated
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i would get some feliaway...
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