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what do you think of it?

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Yes.. well its another rant from me but i think its time to get it off my chest.

I dont know how to start but here it goes.

When we started out holiday to sicily everything was fine, my dad was happy ben was happy, we were all happy and looking foward to the beach.

My dad started to get annoyed and became a bit Bi*chy and would get angry at ben when he wasnt doing anything wrong.
Two days before we were due to fly home ben got mad and we packed our stuff and slept in our rental car, then during the day we booked a night at the hotel.
My dad still doesnt understand why Ben was angry at him.

The last straw was when we were driving home from my aunties in at about 11 pm it was really dark but there were street lights on, ben put on the wipers to wash the window as it got dirty and then my dad screamed because he put it on, but my dad wasnt driving ben was so ben got a fright. We knew the way back but my dad screamed again and said ITS THIS WAY (which was another way) so ben swerved because he had less then a second to do anything so the car shook and my dad was really angry at him. But it wasnt his fault!?

Either way my dad went and told people how bad i was and he must have made some sort of pat with this guy at the agency where he is buying his appartment from.
When my dad came to visit me on friday he told me "they have a job offer for you in sicily" So ben said to me to call the agency today to see what was going on.
So when i called the agency i asked if the money went through and when he said no the man started attacking me saying that i shouldnt abbandon my father like that and he kept on repeating it 10 times.. he wasnt listening to what i was trying to say that i didnt abandon my dad and then he hung up!

Also my dad has ideas and stuff that involve me and never ben?
I dont know whats wrong with my dad but he is really starting to make me angry.
I dont want to move to sicily just because he will be there. I want to experience my own life. I dont have the sicilian culture that i have to stay at my parents untill the day i get married. Because I AM NOT ITALIAN in that way.

I dont even know what to do.
I will tell my dad that its not true about the job offer because he was rude on the phone and even if he offered again im going to decline because i dont like it when my dad talks bad behind my back and gets people to feel sorry for him and im not going to work for a rude person anyway.

And each time he has gone to sicily he has always told my family that im crazy and a load of other rude things and i dont know what to say?

Sorry guys i need to get it off my chest
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Fwan... I don't know what to say except that maybe your dad is scared of losing you to Ben. It's hard for a father when their children move away and live independent lives, especially if they are female. I don't think it matters what age you are either.

With regards to the job, you have to do what you want to do. Don't do anything out of spite, yet if you feel it's not truly for you then don't go with it otherwise, you will be unhappy.

What about if you have a talk with your dad and explain his behaviour and how it is upsetting you? It might put and end to this.

Take care and I hope I have given at least some useful advice
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i have and he says he doesnt know what im talking about.

Lately when ever i talk to him he doesnt remember what i say, and it worse than talking to a wall because if i explain something to him over and over again he will mix things up anyway? and i asked him what was wrong with him and he said nothing
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I think your dad may be afraid of loosing you. I think you need to have a talk with your dad and tell him what you are feeling and ask him why he is behaving this way? Tell him you will always love him, but it is time to make your own life. You need to stick to your guns and have this conversation.
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I don't want to frighten you but have you thought that maybe your Dad id sick in some way? If he is genuinely forgetting things he says or does then he could be feeling very angry with the world and letting it out on you. My Dad started doing that and got furious with us all for silly little things because he began to forget and couldn't make sense always of what we were doing.
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Has your dad always been like this? If not, I recommend you take your father to the doctor.
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Fwan, it sounds like you need to just continue living your life. Your dad sounds way out of line.
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Yup, sounds like Dad was doing a ace job of "crazymaking"...It is so hard on you, I know, because I've been there. I was in my 40's living at home with my teenage daughters (one has brain-damage & needed my mom to watch her while I was at work) until I got married. Now my family has trouble understanding that I can't be over at their house as much as they'd like. you are smart to realize that you need to live your own life now, while you are still young. By the way, my family is predominantly Hispanic/Native American - those Spaniards sure did influence family life, didn't they - I wasn't even allowed to go to college - something my folks now regret....
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Yeah well my dad is sicilian so their culture is a bit weird but he has alot of pride of my cousin who is nearly finished university, and well he ruined my school life because of his job. well ic an still make it to university though, but im considering of moving out of germany today!!! haha

All i can say is that im glad ive moved out of home, it was a scary step, and after my holiday i realised i can never ever go back home and put up with the stress, even if i had no money left i couldnt put my self through it.

Thanks for listening though!
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