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Cats have gone home

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I am down to my cat as of today. My sister-in-law decided to take back her two cats. I've been watching Delilah and Pierre for over a year and have become very attached. I've only had Bob since March, but I fear he'll become depressed withouth the other cats to chase around. Any suggestions on how to help him (and me) overcome this?
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Oh, what a difficult time for you!

What made your sister-in-law suddenly decide that she wanted her cats back after such a long time?! It seems a little insensitive of her to do that, as obviously you all will have bonded!

Is there a possibility that she will give them back to you again?

Maybe you could talk to her and explain the situation?!

Sorry I can't be of more help!
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Aww thats so sad, especially when they've bonded with you like Sarah said

What about getting your own kittens to keep Bob company?!
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Oh that is sad Plus how can you explain to a cat that his best buddies have gone away? (I am faced with a similar situ come January when Guinness 3 friends move away cos my neighbour is moving).

What about if you play with him more, set aside some playtimes so that he still feels loved etc? Or as said above maybe a playmate?

I hope it works out well for you and Bob
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I do have some good news - one of my coworkers needs to place one of her cats immediately, so as of tomorrow I will have Freckles in the house. I don't think she's being insensitive, as the deal always was that I would give the cats back when she could take them. It's just timing.
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Yay!!!! thats great news!.

Make sure you show us pictures of Freckles.

How old is Freckles?, and is it a boy or girl?
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He's an 8 year old orange tabby. He's going to fit in well because he's laid back (like Pierre) and used to being around other neutered male cats. I've always believed that God works in mysterious ways, and this may be one of them.
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Doesn't he just!

He sounds a sweetie, so i can't wait to see him now!
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Oh good1 bob will have a new friend to distract him from his loss!

Yes, pictures please
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Aww, I'm glad you could find a good playmate for Bob. Please keep us posted on how they get along. I'm sending good buddy vibes to them both.
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Hey, what wonderful news about Freckles!! I agree that this must be divine intervention. Not only do Delilah & Pierre have a good home, Bob gets another playmate, Freckles is not faced with being placed who-knows-where.!! This post was definitely a heart-warmer!
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I'm so pleased that you and Bob are getting a new friend!

Yes, do, please show us some pictures of Freckles! Keep us updated on how everything goes!
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And use the sticky's on the behavior thread for pointers on introducing Bob to Freckles so they will be sure to get along. I agree with you, that since they have both already had cat friends, they will adjust to each other readily. But if you follow the pointers on introducing them, it will reduce the stress for both guys.

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My brother came up to take Freckles to my place - he didn't think it would be fair to have a cat sit around all day in a box. That way he'll have a few hours to rest, eat and use the litterbox before he has to deal with me!
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