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I lost my 12 year old male Siamese cat a couple months ago. Junior was a wedding present from my husband Ted. Junior was always closer to Ted then I back then. Two years after we were married Ted was killed in a car accident. Junior and I were both mourning together. I don't think I could have went on with out Junior and my daughter Jenny. Years went by and Junior got closer to me. When I needed a shoulder to cry on Junior was there. He was more then just a cat he was my baby and because he was a gift from Ted he was even more special. A couple months ago Junior stopped eating as much as normal. Then he started to lay around and sleep alot but I thought it was just because he was getting older. I was very busy trying to adopt a little autistic boy at the time along with some rescue animals. I also was working long hours so I wasn't home much or maybe I would have noticed the signs sooner. Then one day Junior stopped eating totally. That was not like him so I called the vet and brought him in that afternoon. I thought Junior just had a cold or something small like that because besides not eating and being a little more sleepy he seemed fine. The vet told me Junior's liver and kidneys were failing and he only had two weeks to live. I was so sad but I still had faith that maybe Junior would get better. I guess I couldn't handle the pain of knowing he was dying. The vet said the best thing to do was bring him home with his family until he stopped doing the things he liked to do. Then about 4 days later I woke up at 5:00am. Junior was sleeping in the bed next to me as always. I quietly got out of bed so I wouldn't wake him because Junior liked to sleep in. I went for a run, came home and made breakfast and put the cat food in the dishes. Then I called Junior. I was trying to get him to start eating. I was still hoping there was a chance he could make it. All of the other cats come to eat but Junior didn't come. That was odd so I went upstairs to get him. I thought he didn't feel like coming down the stairs. I walked into my bedroom and saw Junior on my bed. I thought he was sleeping so I petted his head and said morning June Bug. He was cold and I discovered he had passed away. I was so upset. He was my baby and I loved him so. I cried all day. I couldn't go to work but I had to go to a meeting with the case worker for the adoption. She looked at me like I was crazy when I walked in the office crying. I still miss Junior so much. I still cry when I get thinking about him or when I look at all of his pictures. I can't help feeling I should have brought him to the vet sooner. I bring my pets to the vet every 6 months but I guess that wasn't enough. If I wouldn't have been so busy maybe I would have noticed he was unhappy. I thought I had longer then I did. The vet said he would live about 2 weeks but he only made it 4 days. Junior was a great cat and he is very missed. I love you Junior.
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What a sad story. If he had liver and kidney failure, taking him sooner probably wouldnt have made much difference to him. This way, you didnt have to go through months knowing he didnt have long to go, and he got to go at home, peacefully, rather than at the vets. You did very well getting him to 12, please concentrate on the good times you had with him. Maybe soon another furbaby will turn up and help you.

RIP Junior.
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Hi! Thanks! I have 5 cats. My friend got me a Siamese kitten on Mother's Day shortly after Junior passed so I am not really looking for another cat. The new kitten looks alot like Junior. His name is Bandit and he is such a careactor. I just really miss Junior. No cat will ever replace him. He was a great boy. He was a little bit grumpy in the past years but he was my baby. Some one told me he was a gift with love from Ted and now I gave that gift back with even more love. It makes me feel a little better when I think about it that way. Thanks again! Good Bye!
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this is very sad i'm really very sorry, junior was "especially special" because of what happened to your husband...he was a present from a dear person that you lost, and i'm sure junior helped keep the memory of your husband alive everyday. i can understand how you feel and i wish you all the best and hope that soon the wound will start to heal. *hugs*
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Oh, how very sad. I am sorry you lost your husband Ted after only 2 years of marriage, and sorry that now you have lost his gift of Junior. I love that phrase that Junior was a gift of love, and now you have given the gift back with even more love. I do believe that is true.

Sounds like you have a full life with kids and kits-I hope the adoption of the son goes through for you. I'm sorry you are missing Junior's support at this time. I do agree with BookTigger that it sounds like you did all you could. And although it had to be so sad to find him gone, he was lucky to slip away over the bridge while sleeping peacefully with you.

Again, condolences on your losses.
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These kitties certainly do leave paw prints on our hearts, don't they? I still mourn one I lost nearly two years ago now and a day doesn't go by without me thinking of her - I mist up just talking about her here.

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Hi! Thanks so much! I love that phrase too. A kind woman on another forum told me that and I believe that. The adoption did go through although it won't be final for 1 year. Yes they do leave paw prints on our hearts. I will always miss Junior but I am glad he didn't suffer. Thanks again! Good Bye!
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So much came to mind reading your story. First let me say I'm sorry for your loss. Your right no cat will ever replace Junior. Second cats are well known for hideing signs of illness & often show no symptoms until it is too late. Finally let me say how jealous I am that he passed peacefully. You see I spent 2 years watching my Smokey die from Kidney failure & in the end I had to assist her to the bridge as she did not want to let go. I prayed that I would wake up & find that she had fallen asleep, but she was a fighter & I believe she was afraid I would be lost with out her & did not want to leave me all alone. Now I've got three boy furbabies who are so special, but they are not Smokey & it's been almost two years & I still miss her like crazy. If I'm missing her a lot they seem to sense it & all three will take turns laying on Mom while I cry for Smokey. They are the best blessings the Lord has ever given me.
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I'm so sorry about your loss. Junior sounds like he was a very special cat who was there when you needed him the most. Our furbabies are wonderful in that way. Even though your sweet boy can never be replaced, I'm glad you've had other kitties around to help comfort you during this difficult time.
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Your story is very touching and I am sorry you lost Junior (and your husband). No doubt, our kitties get us through some of the most tragic times of our lives. That Junior died peacefully in bed..that was an exit from this life that I can only hope my cats are blessed with when it's their time to leave me.

Peace be with you.

Junior sounds like a beautiful angel who did what he came to accomplish.
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What a touching story. Now Junior is giving to your late husband what he gave to you the past twelve years, love and companionship. So you see, neither is alone now -- they have each other. Congratulations on the adoption! What a special person you are to give your love and life to this special child! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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Originally Posted by awliston
Now Junior is giving to your late husband what he gave to you the past twelve years, love and companionship. So you see, neither is alone now -- they have each other.
what a wonderful thing this is Now you have both Junior and Ted watching over you

RIP Junior
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I'm so sorry to hear of your struggle. I went through about the same thing.

I had a cat when I was about 16 (I'm now 25, and it still makes me cry to think of it) named Keykat. She was one of those exceptionally wonderful cats that none will ever live up to. She was so loving and wonderful...and I still miss her so, even now almost ten years later.

One evening I noticed that Keykat seemed to be having a difficulty breathing, and we realized she'd been sleeping more then usual (given that she was about ten, this wasn't such an odd thing to think of), so we decided we would take her to the vet the next morning. I just had a bad feeling about it.

So, the next morning, my mother did just that. My mother wouldn't let me go with her, even with how much I loved my Keykat...she made me go to school, and told me she would let me know what happened. No calls came through at school for me, so I was hoping she was just recovering. However, when we got home, we received a call from the vet that she'd passed away. I was devastated...she was such an amazing little person...she and I had been through so much together, and I'd only gotten blessed with a couple years with my best friend.

I was so devastated by it that my mother decided to find me a cat as soon as possible...though I knew no one would ever take Keykat's place. We found a kitty I named Katie soon after, and she was wonderful, but no kitty has been as amazing as my Keykat was. To this day I miss her so much.

So, I know what you're going through. It's very hard to wake up one day to have your time with your friend cut so short. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through so much. I will keep you in my prayers.

Much Love and Hugs,

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Just here to let you know I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Junior is now with your husband Ted. And you will one day find peace in that.

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RIP sweet Junior.
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Junior is in my thougths.... I´m so sorry for your loss.... my deep condolences and my prayers for his soul........RIP
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