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Cats and moles!

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A couple of weeks ago I came home to find that one of the cats had brought in a mole, and it was running all over my living room, with that blind and funny walk they have. It was undamaged, though the cats were all playing with it, and I managed to catch it and release it outside. I didn't think more about it till I mentioned it to my neighbour and he said that cats don't eat moles for some reason. They catch them purely for play. Can this be true? Does anyone have a cat who catches/plays with/ eats moles? and if they don't eat them, why. My three do eat most of what else they catch - the other exceptions so far being a snake and a slow worm.
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They must have had so much fun with the poor confused mole!

I didn't realise that they wouldn't eat them either! Maybe they are too dirty from burrowing?!

I hope someone has an answer for you, as I am intrigued now!
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It was certainly not dirty - I have never handled one before but I was amazed how soft and shiny its fur was, also how big it was - I always thought they were tiny creatures. This one was over 7 inches long!
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All I can say is my one cat has never heard the "Don't eat them" part.
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Fred used to love to catch moles, but come to think of it, I don't remember him ever eating one.
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