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Tell us your dreams!!!!!

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Weee!!!! I love hearing about other peoples dreams and I love sharing my funky dreams with people. For example, last night Ihad a cool dream.

Lets see... ah yes... I and a friend of mine named jeff were in a pool that for some reason contained fish, and a marlin, and a shark, we saved the fish from the shark, but then the shark said to us "Hey, let's have a contest, we will see who will win these fish fair and square!" So we were like ok, we'll do that. So we are in a bigger pool, and its me against jeff against the shark against the marlin(or a swordfish) everyone for themselves... I am tired so I am laying on floating pillows sleeping, but manage to capture three towels (????) and four fish. Jeff gets most of them, and the shark gets only two. The marlin(swordfish) gets eaten by the shark. Then I forgot to put water in my bucket so the fish died.. I shrugged my shoulders and made a fish taco with the towels (????) Jeff looked around bewilderd. Then it switched, and there was this tall lumberjack lookign guy in a red checker patterned shirt and blue pants. He was drunk and loud. This kid I dont know was having difficulties because rhe had two trucks he had to take home, and could only drive one. The guy was drunk and I didnt have my lisence, so I grabbed the back of the black truck with one hand, and the front of the green rusty truck with my other, while the drunk guy was being loud and stupid and kind of funny and telling a joke to a circle of drunken friends. We started going along, with me running behind the truck (at about 50 mph, and quite easily and smoothly)while the drunk guy kept his hand on my shoulder and his friends put their hands on each other's shoulders so they could come along and then we got passed up by the kids from malcom in the middle, they were jogging on the highway. THen it switched to some feud between bart and lisa simpson... bart and lisa each had magical pills that once they got them wet with thier saliva, they sprouted clones. Well it was the final battle and bart was otu of pills and clones, and lisa had some left so instead of losing he grabbed some of her pills (hers were made specifically for her and his for him) and soom barts started growing from the pills saying "OMG lets go jumproping!" and the other barts were like "Omg yes! and then we can all go shopping for shoes! Hehehehe!" and then homer simpson said some things I dont remember and I woke up

I love my dreams. I can close my eyes and watch as random images float around in the blackness. Sometimes they are skulls and faces, but once there was a table and then there was a circle of different colored crayons, and then children's hands took them and made a picture of a skater, and then a sailboat, and then the crayons turned into a swirly rainbow feather design and it was cool
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Well, I usually can't remember my dreams and when I do it's not in great detail. One thing that I have noticed about my dreams is that sometimes I will either wake up or will become conscience that I am dreaming and if the dream is sad or scary I will change the dream to a better outcome. When the dream is a good one, I frequently will go back to sleep so that I can continue the dream. Any one else do that?
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I had a dream teh other day that the people I went to mexico with and I had discovered a treasure under a pyramid. I took twenty dollars in old money worth about five mill per bill as a treasure, and gave it to this lady to look at to see what the price was, and she gave me back a twenty in return (in the old money) and I was like, NO! the seperate bills have more value than this 20, but she wouldnt give the bills back, adn then we were digging down because there were three other treasures at different depths, but then my mom woke me up. I wanted to continue with the dream (and I could have easily) but it was noon so I thought I would wake up

I love it when I wake up from dreaming, because then I can rationally move it along (sometimes I wake up when the dream is stuck and doesnt know wehre to go next) because then I think when I amawake what should happen next, and the dream continues from there.

DOes anyone else do this?? Some people cant do it at all.. and others only have practical dreams.

My mom told me that she drempt her brother was getting married, and all her mom did was say mean things to her so she told my grandma off and walked away and then she woke up O_O My mom doesnt have much of an imagination though, and I have to say that I am very much so NOT lacking in imagination
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My last dream was just like my everyday life... with little differences here and there. Like maybe a piece of furniture will be missing. I hate those dreams, they seem like a waste of good sleeping time!
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I normally don't remember everything that happens in my dreams and I normally forget just a few days later unless it was really significant.
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