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Older Dog "Adopting" My Kitten

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I recently took home my six-week old kitten, Starbucks. Two days ago I introduced him to our two and a half year old dog, Belle Amie. Naturally Belle Amie was very interested in Starbucks, and I was quite concerned about what might happen.

Yesterday I noticed that Starbucks was sucking on Belle Amie's nipples, in attempt to get some milk. Belle Amie didn't seem to mind, but after a while she stood up and then layed back down in a different position. And now the kicker: Tonight, Bellie Amie and Starbucks were laying together on my bed, and I thought I would lay down and pet Starbucks. Big mistake. Belle Amie barked and growled very loudly, and it actually hurt my ear. :p

My question is: Is there any chance at all, that Belle Amie, who has never has it's on pups, is starting to care for Starbucks in a motherly way?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to fill me in on what's going on,

PS - The first day I brought the kitten home, Belle Amie sat directly on top of Starbucks twice. Do you think she might have been trying to suffocate him?
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I don't have a lot of experience with dogs but I know they can get very maternal and protective with other animals. This even goes for male dogs - I had a neighbour once with a male old English sheepdog who absolutely loved her two cats and would play with them constantly. Well, one of the cats had her kittens in the dog's basket and from that moment the dog was a baby sitter and surrogate mom and the cat fed and looked after her babies between the large paws of the dog. When momcat went off for a break the kittens curled up against Clarence and he lay there looking so proud and careful! It was obvious he hated moving and disturbing them.
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