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Anyone have a cat tree from Armarkat?

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I just purchased this: cat tree from Armarkat tonight for my kitties. This is probably something I should have asked *before* buying it, but does anyone else have a tree from Armarkat? If so, how do you/your cats like it? Anything you don't like about it? Was it difficult to put together? Anything else I should know?

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OMG!! Look at that - its a palace!!! please please please do not show my boys this!!!!

your crew are going to love it, sorry I cant offer advise about how to put it together or anything - I hope one day I can purchase something like this!!
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I have one. I got it on ebay tho my cats LOVE IT...and it was a SNAP to put together! not nearly as nice as yours!! but you should have an ok time with it
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I just got one for DeeDee last week and she is crazy about it It was easy to put together too.

I did leave the top right one off since she really likes to sit in and on the cube Hopefully I'll be able to post a picture soon.
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this is the one my kids got
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For those in Europe, I emailed Amarket about shipping and they will ship over here, but their German store will open in August, so it will be much cheaper to wait till then.
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I got one for Ebony waaay back when and its been great!! She loves it AND she's stopped scratching the furniture -- only her tree! It was easy to put together. The only downside is she has chewed on one of the corners so much that she's chewed through to the cardboard!!

If you look closely Eb is on their website. Can you find her??
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I have the one that has a hammock in it. It was easy to put together, I would say my holds up to 60 pds and is fine for my 2 cats, but if you have 4 cats I don't know how well it will do. I would consider bolting it to the floor or wall. For $150 I think it is a good buy. Next time I would buy the one that holds up to 100pds. My cats do love it and they are always on it. Hope this helps.
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Oh, thanks, I'm so glad people like them , I'm always nervous about online shopping given I can't see what I'm getting, but this makes me feel better! I got an email from UPS saying that it is coming on Friday, so I am excited!

Oh, and apparently the tree I ordered holds 80 pounds - my guys are 17 lbs. 16 lbs., 15 lbs. and 15 lbs., so that works, but Esmeralda hates to climb and won't use it anyway, so hopefully we should be okay!
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I keep bidding on one of their cat trees on Ebay! Eventually I will win! The bidding always closes while I'm at work- so it's hard to moniter whether I want to increase my bid or not. I've tried bidding on three of them so far. I like the idea of only paying $25 dollars or so for one, not including shipping of course- so I'm going to keep trying.
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Got it on ebay.

My cat doesnt spend too much time with it, but she started scratching it right away, and will hide for about 30 secs a day.

She has a perch next to it, an unsightly one perched on boxes, and that is her favorite thing so I think that's why the tree isnt a big hit.

With the model I got, I didnt like how the platforms arent that large for spreading out and napping.

I think for young kittens, they would LOVE it.


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Oh - and it is OK putting together, not easy or a snap like some ppl can do!
I made a major mistake but the directions didnt point it out (though it was obvious to many ppl I'm sure). But for a girl who always has to call daddy and his tools I did pretty well by myself.
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I got the big one with the hanging rope and the two tiers.. and the cats FIGHT over it. they LOOOOOve it soo much Gibby and Paige play king of te castle and Molly likes the little "hut" as we call it. Gibby also likes chewing the rope braid

Mine aren't ttoo into the cat hammock, but they don't hold much with cat beds either.

It's funny when Paige sharpens her claws on the posts, Gibby runs up and does his on the same pole even though ther are 4/story?!

Also the dangle toys keep him happy when he's been told off by Paige that he's bothering her.
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Well, it arrived on Monday, and the boys LOVE it! The three of them have barely come down to eat since I put it together. Thanks for all the opinions!
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I'm glad it was a big hit with them.
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Yep, we got one for Bowser and Kismet.. They love it. And the price was well worth it.. In a pet store you'd pay well over 3x the cost. Easy to put together, and good quality.

B & K have races up to the top pad.. It's funny to watch..

Here's a couple pics of the one we got:

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