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Cat's eyes

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We just returned from vacation to find our 2 year old cat with what appears to be his inner eye lid not opening completely. He has white in the corner of both of his eyes...it isn't sleep either. This is the longest trip we have ever taken without our kitties and my petsitter didn't mention this. Could it be stress? Could it be an injury? Please let me know...thanks!
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It could be a virus, the cat could of scratched itself, it could be caused by stress. Here is a link of a very comprehensive eye vet site. I hope it helps you. I would watch it a day or two and if it doesn't clear up, I would take kitty to the vet, or call the vet and ask his advice.

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Thank you..I ran to my local PetSmart and purchased some Opticlear and put some drops in his eyes. We'll see. Prayers will certainly help. I just brought a new kitty into the house a month ago and my husband hates the new kitty (blames him for everything!). Thanks!
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I took Terrell to the vet this morning. She said that there aren't any scratches and that it might be a small case of conjunctivitis or the sign of a cold. Gave me some Amoxicillin (the pink kind ) and a salve to put on his eyes. Thanks for everything.
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It's sort of a good idea to get them something right off the bat. With conjunctivitis if you treat it early on, there is less discomfort for the cats. I would venture to say, (I havn't counted yet) there are about 20 causes for conjunctivits. I hope his eye is looking better soon
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Terrell should feel better soon after getting started on the meds! Keep us posted.
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