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Introducing Myself

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Hello, just wanted to introduce myself - My name is Theresa, we (as many) started out feeding 1 stray and ended up w/a colony - Alley Cat Allies helped with TNR - then it turns out we are trying to move - the gal helping us (w/Humane Society now) - is/was great - 6 adults were placed as well as 3 kittens (sadly 3 new kittens had distemper and 2 have passed and the other prob. will soon) - one kitty (we "think" she is prob. 1 1/2 or so) had gingivitis so bad that they pulled 16 teeth, she has 4, and will need a canned food diet forever.

We were asked to foster her (in a cage) in our basement, give the antiobiotics, etc. - she had always been one that let us pet her when feeding outdoors - well, she has turned into a purr-kitty - we have since cleared out a spare room and brought the cage, etc.up - opened the door - the first 2 days, she hid between the cage and the wall - now she "hides" behind the door (there is a cutway or whatever behind the door (as if you would have a coat rack there) - she likes to stay there in her fleecy bed thing. She has learned to use the litter box, is eating well, loves to be scratched - we are working on eventually opening the door of the room (maybe at night?) and see if she ventures out to become a full-blooded pet.

I want to thank all that have given us tips. Would love any suggestions anyone has - we have a radio on in there, playing softly, turn on the night light at night, she has nice windows, daylight, etc. for daytime. I have to say though - I haven't vacuumed the house in weeks because we are afraid that were scare her to death - any ideas?

Sorry to ramble (I tend to do that w/my personality and health things.. LOL)
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Welcome from a fellow Virginian! I volunteer at the monthly feral cat clinic that Alley Cat Allies holds in Centreville. You may want to post your question in Caring for Strays and Ferals.

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Welcome Theresa!
Bless you for the TLC you are giving to the kitty.
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welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Hello Theresa, welcome to the site
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Bless you for helping those kitties!
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Welcome to TCS
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Thank you all for the welcome - we are hoping she comes around - she loves to have us pet her, etc. - then just have a hand on her while she curls up to go to sleep (she was one of the friendlier ferals, they all used to hang out together, would sleep w/a paw, head, etc. on another)
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Hi and Welcome
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Welcome To Tcs!!
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Welcome, Flamingo13!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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a bit belated but....

Welcome to TCS

i hope your find some more useful suggestions and that she is calming down a bit - bless you for doing what your doing
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