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Moving kitty

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Hi All

Just looking for some suggestions or tips.

Sometime in the next month it looks like I may have to move to another city (far distance). My kitty Reilly is not much for travelling, and the most he's ever done is a trip to the vet now and then. When we move him he cries, claws and usually does a #1 and #2 mess in the carrier. I'm just looking for some advice. I'll probably have to take him by air (2 hour flight) then a 4-5 hour car drive.
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Have you asked your vet what he/she thinks is best? I will have to do the same thing next summer with 4 cats, but 2 of them I'm not worried about.

If you don't mind where are you moving to? I am in Canada as well, and am moving from Medicine Hat, AB to Calgary, AB

Anyway, since it is Indepence Day in the US alot of TCS members aren't around, but they will be soon and can give you more advice
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a very cosy, safe place for you kit to be in would be great. Like a cat carrier. Lots of blankets and love and attention can help. But if you do go by car, dont let him walk around in the car while your driving because he will get scared with all the bumps and stuff, so keep him nice and cosy in a carrier, with lots of cusheyness for those bumps.
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Sounds to me like your best bet would be to get a prescription from your vet to sedate the little guy a bit and help keep him calm. Oliver, my oldest cat, flew from NY to FL once and was fine with medication. The vet will give you specific instructions on how much to give and when.
Also, make sure you have a carrier that is airline approved. I have a soft-sided carrier made by Samsonite that I used when flying with Oliver. It also has small disposable liner-pads you can buy to use to line the bottom of the carrier so that if Kitty does make a little mess its easy to clean up.
A good idea would be to leave the carrier open in a cozy corner of your house, so that kitty gets used to it and can mark it with their scent. This way, if the carrier is familiar to them and smells like them, when they have to be in it for an extended period of time it doesn't feel as foreign and scary.

Hope this helps a little!

I too am moving at the end of the summer, but fortunately not long-distance again---we moved from NY to Chicago at the end of LAST summer and Oliver drove in the car for up to 8 hours at a time for two days straight and didnt even need to be medicated, he was so comfy in his carrier!
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Thanks for all the advice!

I just found out 2 days ago that I indeed did get the job and will have to leave next Thursday. I will be taking kitty by airplane (2 hours) and then a car drive 4.5/5 hours. Maybe it's just me being ultra sensitive but I am so worried that he will be scared!, the worrying is almost making me sick!. I called the airlines and due to my kitty's size he has to travel in the cargo area. Anyone else done this?
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