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new loss..1 week ago

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I just lost my best friend 1 week ago today. I am still so hurt, mad, and upset about this loss. He was truly my best friend! I adopted him 3 years ago tomorrow. He did most everything with me. He loved reading books and watching movies with me. This holiday weekend has been hard since that is most of waht I have done.
He was declawed at the begining of June and at that time, he was diagnosed as a diabetic. However after finding support and advice from another form, I decided to home test him and just watch him. I never did give him a shot once I got him home. His sugars and urine testing were all normal. A week ago Thursday, I noticed he was breathing with a twitch and was not eating as much. I just thought he had a cold as so did I. I watched him and Saturday morning he was not doing any better and I took him to the vet and they diagnosed with with pneumonia and sent him home on antibodic. Now I am blaming myself that I did not make them keep him and put him on fluids. So we went home and I kept a very close eye on him. He did not get any better so Sunday morning I took him to the emergency vet where they admitted him to the ICU.
He was put on IV antibodics, fulids and breathing treatments, while also in a oxygen tent. I checked on him about every hour until midnight, when I called he was doing much better, his breathing was down from 180 breaths per min to 70. I was so glad that he was doing better, so I went to bed. Then at 2:30 am, they called me and told me that he was gone.
I am not sure if I could of done something different or not. I am still having a hard time coping. Most of the people that know me and who knew JC are thinking that I am crazy because "he was just a cat". I am taking this harder than I took my miscarrage last month. I had JC here for 3 years and I never met the baby that I lost.
Thank you all for allowing me to tell this. I think that I can start the healing process now that I have found this form and have read all the supporting words that you all have offered.
I have adopted 2 new kittens to help fill the void that is in my house. So that may help as well.
Thank you all!
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss, JC was beautiful, he looked like my Sylvester. We all understand that there is no such thing as "Just a Cat".

Rest in Peace JC.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Time is an amazing healer...and you will eventually heal. "He was just a cat" is of course ridicilious. There are many out here that truly understand your love for JC.

It is good to hear that you have adopted 2 little kittens. Personally, I have always had animals and I couldn't imagine not seeing a little tail go by in my house. My Misty was 14 years old when I had to put her down and 1-week was all it took before I had 2 little kittens running around here.

The new ones never really replace or fill that void in total but I'm sure you will come to love the new ones and show them a life filled with love & happiness.

Thoughts are with you...and again, with time your pain will ease.
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I am sorry for the loss of JC. Sometimes when simple health problems are complicated by diabetes, the animal cannot heal as easily.

It is very hard to lose a beloved pet, but only pet-lovers can understand. Condolences on the loss of JC, your best friend!
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Godspeed to the other side of Rainbow Bridge, JC! My daughter & I, too, have a JC (who was named for my original JC, whom I lost 6 years ago to cancer). I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You did everything that you could for your wonderful boy, and the vets did the best according to their skill.Beckiboo is right, when there are pre-existing conditions, illnesses become complicated, even in humans - my daughter had pre-existing, acquired left brain damage but was coming along at the lower end of normal, when, at 17yrs, she contracted Western Equine Encephalitis; her condition made the impact of this 2nd illness much more devastating and she was left alive but with more complications than before, and all the long, hard groundwork of her childhood has been lost,despite the best efforts of a very caring and competent medical team. JC was a gift from God just for you, so maybe to the people around you, he was 'just a cat' , just like their wives or husband are "just a woman or man' to me, but JC is special to you. I, too, had a miscarriage; the grief was very real, but I also acknowledged the fact that Mother Nature mercifully spared my unborn baby the problems of being born with overwhelming health issues. With JC, he & you had worked hard to overcome the diabetes issue, so it was only natural to expect that he could overcome the new illness. So, please allow yourself plenty of time to grieve. I salute you for having the courage to risk love again, by giving the new kittens a loving home. As for JC, he is enjoying his rewards on the other side of the Bridge, with all our other TCS cats who've gone before him. Hugs, Susan
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no, he was not "just a cat".... they are everything to us, those who truly love cats will know, they are unique, not like dogs, not like birds, not like rabbits, or anything else for that matter. they are cats and we love them as they love us. i'm sure your sweetie felt you there with him every second that went by and still feels you from up above. many of us have been through it, i have recently, and i understand how you feel. just let the tears flow until they stop, and give lots of your love to your new kittens....they may not be like your best friend, but i assure you, you will grow to adore them just as much...JC will always be a part of you. *hugs*
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I'm sorry for your loss
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So sorry to hear about your loss, but please dont beat yourself up over whether you could have done more, what matters is the love and care you gave him. You gave him more time than other people may have done, so please just think of the good times. It is really good that you have opened your heart to some kittens.
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Hi! I am so sorry about your cat and your baby! That is terrible. I lost my 12 year old male Siamese cat Junior, nick named June Bug a couple months ago. Junior helped me through so much and now he's gone. I understand how you feel and if you need or want to talk you can send me a Private Message ok. Again I am very sorry! Good Bye!
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Just a cat
Just an animal, lazy and fat
Just get over it, just get another
It's not like it's your son or mother

Fools around me speak in shame
Never knowing my pet's name
They roll their eyes, they dub me weak
They treat me like my loss is cheap

Had I lost my arm or lost my sight
Then my sorrow would be worthy and right
But I'd give my arm, my leg, and my home
To have her back and not be alone

My synthetic smile so wry and charming
Hides a growing outburst that's so alarming
I choke back words to defend my tears
Because they would fall only on deaf ears

It's sad that they have never shared
A love so pure and uncompared
Though my heart bleeds from a cut so deep
Their hearts stay cold in stagnant sleep

Just a cat,
Just a friend with whom to play
Just someone standing by my side
When life brings on it's bumpy ride

Just a reason to hope and believe
That not every creature has something up it's sleeve
Just someone with whom to chat
My friend, my family, my cat

-Author Unknown

Sending healing light and hugs,

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you most certainly have come to the right place, and I do hope that sharing JC's story can help you start the healing process. Please know that we are always here for you to help you during this time, whether its a shoulder to lean on or a person to cry with - please remember that.

JC most certainly was a handsome little fella wasnt he and I know that he will be watching over you & your new little kitties keeping you all safe

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