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Kitten Behaviour

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My Female kitten is 7 1/2 weeks old.
I also have a male dog who is 16weeks.The thing is the kitten keeps going up to him all the time and licking and sucking .his private parts.
Could you please tell me why she is doing this?
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Actually I've read that occuring often for kittens that have been placed before they were completely weaned. Here is a thread for someone who had a similiar situation:


and another thread:


I would suggest getting your kitten a snuggle kitty:



Kitten Suckling
Sometimes, if you are caring for two or more kittens, one of the kittens may try to suckle on the genitals of the others. Although this is a common behaviour, it can alarm some people and it is important that it stops. If the suckling kitten ingests feces or urine, the kitten could become ill. Suckling also has the potential of damaging the genitals of the kitten being suckled on. Never separate the kitten from the others as the warmth and closeness of his siblings is very important. There are several things that you can do:

The kitten may be doing this because he is hungry. Try giving him more formula at each feed.
Give him a stuffed toy that he can suckle on instead.
Take a small piece of soft cloth, bunch it up and tie it tightly with some cotton string so it stays bunched up. Make sure there is no excess string hanging down that the kitten could choke on. Dip the cloth in a solution made with warm water and a little honey mixed together. Squeeze out the excess water well and place this next to the kitten for him to suckle on.
Dab a little bit of vinegar or bitter apple on the genitals of the other kittens, being careful to avoid the urinary opening.


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