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someone sick?

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I woke up this morning and found one of my kittens inspecting some throw up in the cat room. It looked like food, wet food. Anyways i dont know who threw up since i have 4 cats and i was sleeping when it happened.

Also when i went in the bathroom i noticed the mat on the floor was messed up, i bent down to fix it and noticed some poop on it. It was smeared on it and it wasnt a lot, it doesnt look like someone went there, it looks more like one of the cats got it on them and tracked it on the mat.

Should i be worried that one of them threw up food?

I think the one who was invovled in the poop problem was Isabelle, my one year old. She is medium hair and a while back she had gotten poop under her tail and stuff and i had to get her groomed. If it is her, is there something i can do so she doesnt get poop on her anymore, like trim the hair back there or something? Thanks!
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I wouldn't worry about it unless it keeps happening. Cat's throw up. The cat might have had a hair ball or something.
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Well, I don't know if I agree with that. I have three cats and I've only had two instances of vomitting in the nine months I've had them. The first the cat turned out to have tapeworms, and the second he was just eating too fast. I don't know you can just say cats vomit as if it's normal, because there must be a reason. And if the only reason IS hairballs, they can be prevented. I've never seen a hairball come out of my cats. Sorry, but that's just the way I see it (and this applies to adult cats on a steady diet -- rereading your post I see you mentioned a kitten). I'd be concerned if a cat threw up. And if it happened again, and I didn't know why, they'd be at the vet real soon.
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I have to agree with coaster ... while a very small number of cats ARE indeed chronic pukers, the great majority are not unless they ingest something that somehow disagrees with them.
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