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Originally Posted by xocats
I worked at an air force base. After work on fridays, my co-workers & I would go to the officers club for happy hour. One evening, I met a very handsome pilot. We dated for a short while...then married. He died last year.
Savor every moment that you have with those you love.
Absolutely. I'm so sorry your story had to end too soon

Bradley and I met through my little brother of all people! I had just broken up with this guy (he was a little "too nice") and sort of half-jokingly asked my little brother and his friends if they knew of any guys my age who were single, cute, and nice. His friend Hilary said, "How about Brad?" That immediately got my attention because I've never met a bad-looking Brad!! They knew Bradley because his dad and Andrew's (one of my brother's best friends) dad knew each other real well, so Andrew and Bradley have known each other for as long as they can remember).

So our first date was actually a group thing: my little brother, Andrew and Hilary (who are a couple), and Bradley and I. We saw "American Wedding" and I remember going home that night and saying, "That is the guy I'm going to marry." We celebrate our 2 year anniversary next month on Aug. 3rd and an engagement is *hopefully* going to happen before year's end!

PS- Allie, your story is truly something unique and dramatic! Enjoy your special love . Glad things worked out for you two in the end, against all odds!
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Pat and I met at work. When I first started working there I was engaged to another guy. Pat thought I was cute, but taken, so he didn't pursue anything. I couldn't stand him...I was told that he had a bad reputation as a womanizer and everything he ever said to me seemed to confirm the rumor.

A few months later, my engagement broke off. It had been a horrible relationship that dragged on longer than it should have. I was glad to be out of it and swore I would NOT get into another relationship anytime soon. I knew I needed time to heal. I was dating a few people, but nothing exclusive and nothing serious.

Pat and I were assigned to work on a the grand opening of a store together. As the project went on, I got to know him a little better and found out he wasn't as bad as I had thought. He asked me to go for a quick drink with him one night, and I couldn't really find a way out of it. We had a great time and I hadn't laughed like that in the LONGEST time. I was headed out with some friends, so he walked me to my car and unexpectedly gave me a kiss. I was shocked and not sure what to make of it. He was NOT what I wanted...he was seven years older, divorced with a son, living at home with his parents, and we had NOTHING in common.

He called me at work on Monday and asked me out the following weekend. I had a job acting at the Renaissance Faire that summer, and my first rehearsal was that Saturday, but I reluctantly agreed to go out with him afterwards. It ended up raining ALL day, and I had stage combat rehearsal that day, so by the time I got home I was cold, wet, stiff, and sore. I tried to call him to cancel, but he was already on his way. So I jumped into a quick shower, tied my hair up (still wet), slapped on a little makeup, got dressed, and dashed out the door. We ended up having the BEST time and stayed out talking until 3 am.

After the second date I stopped seeing other people. We moved in together almost a year later, and twelve years after the first date I almost didn't go on, I married him. He's the most wonderful man (and not a womanizer at all )!
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Awww I love reading all of these stories!! more more more! lol
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February 26, 1993, my girlfriend and I were out at the bars dancing. I think I saw him first, he was playing pool. He is 6'3" and tall and lean. He says he saw me first! Well we got to talking, and really hit it off. He gave me a ride home that night, the only time I have ever trusted a "stranger" like that.

The next night we went out dancing, and I found him to be totally charming and wonderful. After 3 days I called my best friend and told her that within a year I would either be married to this man, or she could slap me and call me stupid! About the same time, he was calling a close friend and telling her he was "impressed" with me. She says she knew it had to be serious, because she never knew him to be so talkative about anyone before.

Honestly, I believe God put John into my life to watch out for me and my kids! John has been the best thing that ever happened to me. We were married September 25, 1993. I love him more today than I did the day I married him!

This is a fun thread to read.

Viewpoint: once I saw a Barbara Streisand special about how she met her current husband, and it was totally romantic-a love at first site story. As I sat there teary eyed, staring at the TV, thinking it sounded just like our story, John said, "What a load of crap."
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I love all the stories they are so sweet! Here's mine... I met my fiance 3 years ago online. I was in a chat room, bored and a little bit tipsy. I started hounding him because of his goofy screen name then I looked at his picture and sent him a private message. He thought I was a guy at first because in his words "I was being so mean" Anyway we started talking and before either of us knew it we had talked all night. The next night I waited for him online and he ended up calling me that night. I found out unfortunatly that he lived in North Dakota and I live in Texas but we kept chatting and talking on the phone most every night for the entire summer. (It was the summer after his senior year of high school and my sophmore year of college) Anyway in the fall he went off to job corps for a year an a half during which time we both talked and got really close. We ended up falling deeply in love with each other and also our wonderful God. After he left job corps we finally got the chance to meet! He packed a bag hopped on a bus and rode three days down here to me with a ring in his pocket. He proposed to me the day we met face to face. Of course I said yes. Its been over a year since then and things have been great. We are planning on getting married soon... we had set the date for March of 2005 but we had to change it for a few reasons.

The only weird thing was that he was/is a cat lover... never in my life had I been around a cat im a dog person. Now we have three and they are slowly winning me over hehe jk I love my lil Stormy!
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well I'm not feeling particularly sentimental today because me and bf are in the midst of the biggest struggle of both of our lives, but they way we met was good.

I was about 20 and working at a fast food chain through college, he was 17 and started working there after school for extra money. From the first moment I saw him I thought he was the hottest guy in the world, young or not. I told everyone that I was in love with him, even my current bf at the time. Everyone pretty much got sick of my craziness. He never knew though. So flash forward a couple of years, I'm almost 24 and I'm out of school and unemployed and one of my friends had a christmas cookie making party which I attended mainly because I was bored. While there that guy stopped by. We were both newly single and sparks flew instantly. It wasn't until later that we found out that the cookie maker had set us up!! We have been inseperable ever since, for about 1 1/2 yrs.

Oh an our first date, it was Christmas Eve 2003, and we went out with friends to a bar, then he took me to the grave of his dead best friend, then we sat at a scenic overlook and talked--no really, we just talked--for hours. I think I got home at 5am xmas morning..
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Thank you Amy.
Be grateful for every moment that you have with a loved one...including your cats.

Originally Posted by ugaimes
Absolutely. I'm so sorry your story had to end too soon
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Well I've been with my boyfriend for a total of about 16 months. We met at primary school but I thought he was yucky then.
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Somehow I missed this thread, and I'm such a sucker for romance!

I met my bf just over two years ago. I got a job as the receptionist at this SFX house. It was crazy, it was totally male dominated and they were all stressed from this film they'd come off of. One day during a power outage I started talking to Kirby, we had a lot in common, we liked comics, anime, kung-fu movies, we were both geeks basically. After that we started trading Anime and I would go talk to him in the back room. The weird thing was -- I thought he was shy (a bunch of the other men there were TOTAL flirts), but later I learned he is not shy AT ALL -- he was just shy around me!

Meanwhile I still crack up when I remember his face when he learned I was almost 21, he thought I was 16!

He came to my B-day party where one of my friends was NOT shy about shoving him at me and told me that if I didn't date him she wanted him. We hung out at a big SFX convention. And then one day I got up the courage to ask what he was up to after work, we went to eat at a Shabu Shabu restaurant (basically Japanese version of Fondue) and I all but moved in that first day.

It was also funny because he bragged that he had this big apartment that he usually had to himself because his roommates commuted from NoCal. We hooked up at the worse time, not only were his two roommates always around (nice guys but who are even older than Kirby, who is 6 years older than me) PLUS a crazy friend who normally lived in Germany, had been in a coma for 8 months, and was now literally insane and spent his days watching BET on their couch (and occasionally working for them).
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My husband and I found each other through (totally recommend them...great site!!), and first met in person at a Starbucks a few days before Thanksgiving 2003. I tell people it was love at first mocha.

We had moved in with each other by that following New Years, and he proposed the following March 2004. We then got married this past June 4th!

Ours was a quick romance, but when ya know...ya just KNOW. It's been nothing short of an adventure and a beautuful romance! He's adopted my little Emily as his own, and fully taken on the role of Dad (which she needed so badly!). Our little family was meant to be!

I'm so excited about the memories that we have yet to create!
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Its a long story so I won't fill up the space but if you are interested I have a link

Our Story

if you happen to be on this page and click the "familys" link, it is underconstruction so it will not be displayed.
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Originally Posted by Sar
LOL! A mutual friend gave him my number and we started txting not finding out who we were till a few txts later when I told him who it was he said eww. little did he know how much i'd changed.
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The only story I have is about a woman who taught at the school I worked at for summer school last month.

Her boyfriend proposed to her a couple of weeks ago, and he planned the whole thing by recreating their very first date! I thought that was the cutest, most romantic thing ever!
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