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How did you meet your partner and what was the first date like?

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okay fess up, how did you meet your partner and what was the first date like?

my husband and i knew each other at highschool, we had a crush on each other but were too shy to introduce ourselves

one night (six years after leaving highschool) i was chatting in a msn chat room called Holden Vs Ford when i was approached by a guy who called himself Revhead307 we chatted in the room for a while and found out we went to the same highschool and lived only 40 minutes away from each other, i remembered having a crush on him and was very excited.

he called me later that night and we spoke for over three hours, iv'e honestly never felt so at ease talking to someone before, we had no uncomfortable silences and always had something new to chat about, it was as if i'd known him for a long time, when he finally hung up i couldn't stop thinking about him and i'm sure i must have fallen asleep with a big grin.

he called me the following day and asked me if i wanted to go on a date with him and of course i said yes

the date was set for 7 that night, i was like a excited schoolgirl, dancing around the house and trying to decide what to wear. when seven neared i felt sooooo nervous but i was very happy too.

i was sitting in the loungeroom with mum when we both heard a loud engine aoproaching, mum gave me a worried look as the noise stopped outside our place, a few minutes later he knocked and i opened the door to find the wonderful boy that i had a crush on in highschool standing before me, he wasn't lanky anymore though, he was tall, muscular, handsome and had huge arms

i introduced him to mum and then we left for our date, he opened the car door for me and helped me in.

first we went to trafalgers, a nice irish tavern, for a few drinks, we joked the whole time, talked about school, listened to music and shared chips.

next we decided to have something to eat and went to a restaurant across the road for a quick meal, he was so funny and charming and we both couldn't stop laughing, not sure what the other diners thought .

after we had eaten we went to watch a movie, we watched the scorpian king but i don't think either if us really watched it too much, we kept glancing at each other and it took us a whole hour to work up the courage to hold hands.

after the movie we brought a few drinks and went down the beach, we ended up chatting for four hours on the sand, the time seemed to fly though and i had to go home before mum worried about me

the following day he came by without calling, it was a lovely surprise, he wanted to take me 4x4ing along the beach, it was a beautiful day and all was going so well until the car broke down, we ended up spending a few hours sitting on the beach kissing and holding hands until the RAC showed up.

that night he cooked dinner for me and played stairway to heavin on his guitar, we ate dinner by candlelight and watched a movie while cuddling on the sofa, then he drove me home.

six months after we met he proposed to me and six months later we were married, things have only gotten better and i couldn't be happier .

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I met my other half online... I can thank my ex for that one I'd just kicked my ex out of the house, I was bruised and bewildered and more than a little drunk. I logged into an mIRC chatroom where I knew all the Danes I spoke to on a regular basis. They cottoned on that something was wrong and Rune immediately said "Stay right where you are, I'll be with you soon. I'm coming to make sure you're ok" And bless him, he arrived about a week later. He'd booked flights and time off work the same night I'd logged in and flew over to help pick up the bits. First time we met was lovely... I got this amazing great big friendly hug and told not to worry, that everything would be alright. It was exactly what I needed to hear and just when I needed to hear it too. He spent a week with me... he took me out, helped clean up the mess, put me to bed and was a real gentleman - he'd make sure I had everything I needed or wanted and even tuck me in, bless him! After he'd spoken to me for a couple of hours, he'd go downstairs and sleep on the sofa. Well... this led to that, and hey presto, I'll be with him for good tomorrow. We've been through the wars a bit, but he's been truly wonderful. I love him so much
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Brandon and I met in highschool. He was really good friends with my friends older brother. Since I was at her house all the time and he was too it really just went from there. I was 15, he was 18.

That was in April 1999 and he graduated in June. I went to his Grad as his date and except for a 6 month spell we have been together since though the ups and downs.

You have heard of High-School Sweethearts I'm sure, and thats what we are I am looking forward to the day I can tell our grandkids that true love really does exist!
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What lovely stories, you guys! Thank you for sharing these! Perhaps one of these days, I'll have something meaningful to add!
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my husband and i met because we had a class together at a local community college. the first time we actually spoke was the first time he chased me down the hall to tell me class was cancelled (this actually happened many more times that semester.) we ended up becoming friends and there was a small group of us that would hang out and "study" together or grab lunch on days class got cancelled. we finally admitted to ourselves and each other that there was something more between us a couple of days after the final exam and started dating. we were married almost 10 months later. it's been a little over a year since our wedding and we couldn't be happier together.
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Great stories guys!

Jerry and I met online as well. Our first date, after conversing for 3 months, was lunch at Chi chi's restaurant, then a walk around the mall nearby where he met Mom, then took my car home where he met my beloved dad, then we took off in his car to go to a movie, "You've Got Mail!". (perfect flick!), then drove and looked at peoples Christmas lights on their homes, (it was December 18), then he took me out to dinner, then back to my parents where we said goodnight. (if you were to ask my husband, he would add that there was a little action in the backseat going on on that first date, but he knows darn well there wasn't. He think's he's being funny!) So, all in all, our first date lasted 9 hours and it's been wonderful ever since!
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We met through a mutual friend at a Sunday afternoon party spot. He was 16 and had just bought his first Harley, and our friend was a much older guy that needed someone young and energetic to help him push it to get it started. We never really dated, but became really tight friends almost immediately. He told me shortly after we met that he loved me, and there would never be anyone else for him. Fortunately, when I finally came to my senses 7 years later, he was still interested. He went in the Navy, and I had not seen him in awhile, and the first time I saw him when he came home on leave, I saw him in a whole different light. The 4 year age difference bothered me, and was probably the reason I did not take him seriously at first. We have now been 20 wonderful years together. If I am lucky, we will have at least that many more.
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I met Brendan my senior year of high school. He was a sophomore and dating a girl in my group and she introduced him to all of us. At the time I was dating my ex and there was quite a few times that all of the "couples" of the group would just hang out together. I remember thinking that Brendan was so much cuter than my boyfriend (sad, I know) and had the greatest sense of humor. My friend broke up with him about 4months after they started dating and my entire group decided to shun him. None of them spoke to him anymore, and I felt really sorry for him. I made it a point to seek him out to at least say hello as I thought there was no reason for everyone to be so mean. I graduated from high school, went to college, my ex and I broke up, and then over Spring Break my best friend ran into Brendan in our hometown. She told me he was working at Eckerd so I went over there, told him how happy I was to see him, that my ex and I had broken up, and then gave him my phone #. He and I hung out as friends a few times before we started dating. That was 3 years ago now so I'd say we're doing pretty well.
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I actually met my husband thru my ex boyfriend. He introduced us. I didn't like my hubby at first but there was some stuff going on at my ex's that I needed to know about so Paul and I met for dinner and have been togeather ever since. We have been married for a year now.
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I met my love Anthony when I was very young. This story will amaze you, I’m still amazed. It starts like this… I was born and raised in Mississauga, my brother, sister and I all had a lot of friends growing up and most of them all on the same street. My Sisters best friend Tammy had a little cousin named Anthony (my Love) that lived up the road from us, we use to play together all the time, but Tammy and her family ended up moving when I was about 12 years old, and I didn’t see Anthony after that. Then My family moved way up north about 4 hours away to the sticks for about 10 years, while I lived up there my mom went into depression and was taken to Mississauga hospital, so I ended up staying at my Aunt and Uncles house so I could see my mom everyday and to keep her company. Threw my cousin I met Jeff (my Ex. He had Peter Pan syndrome) we were together for 8 years, and it was 2 ½ years ago Jeff decide to buy me a stereo at Christmas for my car and he had a friend Anthony that installs them, so Jeff and I went to his friends house to have it installed. We went to the door and his friend answered, I thought this guy look a little familiar to me, and when we talk it was like I new this guy for ever. Well… Jeff and his friend Anthony stayed out side in the cold installing this stereo while I stayed inside talking to Anthony’s mom, she started asking questions, what do you do for a living?, were do you live?, were did you grow up? est., so I told her well I grew up in Mississauga and through my teen years I live in Lake St. Peter. She said Mississauga? Where in Mississauga did you live? I said I lived on Jessica Court, she said oh you did?!?! She said, my sister and her family lived there;I thought holy cow! What was there last name? She said the Passmores, and well I almost hit the floor. I told her my sister was best friends with Tammy, and her cousin Anthony and I played together all the time, and I just couldn’t believe that is Anthony out side working on my car!!! Well Anthony’s mom ran outside and told Anthony the whole conversation we had, he was in complete shock! Anthony and I started talking every day on MSN messenger and I asked him if he wanted to come up with Jeff to go downhill skiing, he accepted but Jeff ended up working that weekend, Anthony still came up. We talk so much that weekend, we hardly slept. And after 8 years of Jeff and I together and not going anywhere with the relationship because he didn’t want to move forward, I said goodbye to him and Anthony and I stared dating, but it was like love at first site when we met and we are so happy we are together again. We are engaged to be married and have a house in Orangeville, we couldn’t be happier.
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My husband and I worked at the same place for 5 years before the sparks flew. We still work together and are very happily married.
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Jeremy and I actually met online in a game called Asheron's Call over 5 years ago.
Several months after we met online, I took a vacation to meet him in person, the first meeting was awkward, but we had tons in common.
The rest, as they say, is history.
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I met my husband at a Parent's Without Partners Saturday night dance. He asked me to slow dance, and I never slow danced with guys I didn't know, but something about him made me say 'yes.'

Then a few days later he asked out not only me, but my two small girls (2 yrs old & 7 months old) we went out to eat at Shoguns, which is a hibatchi style Japanese restaurant.

From there we started working on a business together and we were very seldom apart. We've been together for 19 years (this November).
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My husband and I were introduced by mutual friends at the age of 14! We were friends throughout high school - I dated several of his friends actually - and then went our own separate ways for several years. We ended up going to the same college but only saw each other a handful of times. When we were 23 we reconnected online. I had broken up with a longtime boyfriend and he with a longtime girlfriend. He flew down to visit me and my roommates (who were also friends of his) and it went from there. We dated for 3 years before we got married and next week we are celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. It's so weird to think we've known each other for 14 years! Time sure flies!
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Steve and I met, through a friend who didnt know he was going to be hooking us up. LOL. I had just moved back here to the twin cities but a friend down where i had lived BEGGED ME to come down and see this band, and spend the weekend there. So I went. Well we spent the first part of the day there, and my ex who I was able to still stay friends with tried to put the moves on me. Lordi lordi i know. and tot hink i was thinking about getting back together with him. HA!

So we head over to the hotel to meet some friends of Erics, I was introduced all the way around. And my eyes stayed on steve. I couldnt help it, he was handsome, and there was just something about him. It was late and he was tired, so not very super talkative, but i brought him out by complimenting his shirt (a spiderman shirt) and we talked for a while. Than eric and i were going to go, and Steve was going back to his room. He was talking with erics friend, Tracy (who i later found out he was trying to get a date with lol but i stole his attention to much) and he said something slightly Macho male. so i gave him my opinion, and he said "well i didnt ask for your opinion" and so i stated, thats ok I give it for free! and that was that.

Well i spend the night pondering if he was really being a jerk, or if he said that to get my attention..and set him apart from everyone else. because it did get my attention. Well than the next night we are going to see this band...and low and behold steves there....than....for pity sake he was the drummer. I have a rule against dateing musicians. at that point, lol. So I wrote it off..

Well by the end of the first set hes over and talking to me again. Asked if he got my attention with his comment, and wanted me to know hes really not like thayt just wanted to get my attention. and he thought well it would work or she would think i was a jerk and want nothing to do with me..

Well we hit it off famously. I had to head home the next day..but gave him my number, and email. he gave me his email and number.. I emailed him as soon as i got home, lol which he was shocked by.

Well when they were in town the next week here in my home town..he called me and asked if i wanted to go out..and I said most certainly..

We havent been apart since and that was over a year ago now..
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I was alone and was looking for people through yahoo messenger.
He actually had 3 profiles but i only messaged two of his because in one of them he looked totally different and ugly
So i went out for a few hours and finally i got a reply late in the evening, we chatted for two days and then we swapped numbers.
About a week later we met at the tram stop and got some drinks from the petrol station and went for a walk at the park.
Well that was two years ago and now we are engaged
Who knows when our wedding is though!
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My husband and I met during our freshman year of college. We were in a lot of the same classes. We were friends for a while, then decided that we felt more for each other and went to the movies for our first date. That was in 1988 and we are still together!
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I worked at an air force base. After work on fridays, my co-workers & I would go to the officers club for happy hour. One evening, I met a very handsome pilot. We dated for a short while...then married. He died last year.
Savor every moment that you have with those you love.
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John ans I went to highschool together and we knew each other through mutual friends but he was dating someone at the time and into some things that i didn't agree with. 3 years ago my long distance boyfriend in daytona broke up with me and a friend of my cousin, Dave, who is in his 50s vowed he'd never see me hurt and would find me a good man.. lol well i used to go to local car shows all the time and one night dave called and said get over here i have someone you have to meet so off i went. i remember it as if it were yesterday i was walking through the parking lot to find dave (which wasnt hard since he's about 6'5) and i saw john standing there watching me. I thought to myself ohh i hope its him im here to meet! and then said to myself no way stop kidding yourself.. lol So Dave said oh good youre here and lead me right to john! he'd changed so much since highschool. lost weight dressed a whole lot differently and gotten buff so i didnt recognise him. haha dave introduced us and left and john said we went to highschool together you were friends with jeneveve and my jaw dropped lol i couldn't believe this was the same person! He had to go out to eat with his dad so we parted ways and the next day i went to my cousins with dave and we called johns dad and got his cell phone # so after he got off work i called him and he asked if i'd want to go out sometime of course i said yes! i was so excited i called my friend natalie and found out that they had gone to jr high together and had been real good friends. theyd even gone to the 9th grade social together! lol so when i talked to him that night we decided to go bowling with natalie and her now husband friday night. the next day i decided i couldnt wait til friday to see him lol and natalie and i called him and told him we were coming to pick him up and we went to my house. It'll be two wonderful years on july 27th and we couldnt be happier. its funny because he told me that he wouldnt have had the nerve to call me first because he's so shy and was so happy when i unexpectedly called him! bet his dad never thought it would work out when he said to dave "shes a little hottie, introduce her to john" hahaha
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My husband and I met while we were in the Navy stationed aboard the same ship. I don't remember the day, but my hubby does. His first memory of us meeting was when I was replacing the compressor on a refrigerator in the officer's mess and he brazed the lines. My first memory of meeting him was when we were assigned to a working party in Figi rebuilding a school house, he was showing me the "correct" way to saw boards with a hand saw...and trying to look down my t-shirt.

We were assigned to the same department but different divisions so we interacted occasionally, and got to know each other in passing over a one year period before we dated. Anyway, mutual friends onboard the ship fixed us up, and our first date was a day at the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park in San Diego. I brought my son along, he was three at the time. I wasn't very impressed, but Adam adored him so he got the second date. That was 21 years ago, we've been married for 19 years.
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Met my husband at church and our first date was a 20 mile bicycle ride....sore butts at church the next day!!
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wow!..so many cool stories!

My boyfriend and I met 4 years ago... at work actually. Funny thing is we didnt' get along really!. He's pretty stubborn and strong willed and so am I. But then I got to really know him and I found out that he was the funniest guy I'd ever met!...gotta love a man that can make you laugh. So one day he asked me out for dinner and we've been together ever since...oh yah he brought another lovely little joy with him as well..his maine coon baby Reilly. They are the 2 lights of my life
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Wow so many stories ok here goes mine:

Boyfriend and I have met in highschool. We were best friends for about a year, and I fell in love with him. We spent every day together and I thought that he liked me too, but he never made a move. One january evening I had enough of waiting for him to do something, and when he came over to my house, I decided to tell him how I felt. After he heard what I had to say he just got up and said "Ok, I have to go home". I felt horrible, I kept thinking that this is horrible, not only will we not get together anymore, but I lost my firend as well. As he was leaving I put my coat on to walk him to the bus stop. On the way to the stop total silence. Then another great idea of mine, I decided to ask him if I can kiss him( Hey, I had absolutely nothing to lose at this point), to which he said " No". Ok I thought, this is much worse...I was ready to sink into the ground. We were both standing outside in the cold looking at each other. He missed the bus...I decided to invite him back in. We went back to my house, then things started to progress,..., we slept together We have been together ever since, that was over 8 years ago
Not very romantic, but it worked
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Originally Posted by pandybear
my husband and i knew each other at highschool, we had a crush on each other but were too shy to introduce ourselves

one night (six years after leaving highschool) i was chatting.......
Awesome story!
Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss
John ans I went to highschool together and we knew each other through mutual friends but he was.......
Wow! That's a great story too!
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DH and I met while we were in college (different colleges). We were set up by my roommate, who knew him from high school. I had seen his picture on her desk and said, "He's cute, who's that?" and she arranged for us to meet in her hometown over Thanksgiving break. We didn't really have a "first date" since the first few times we went out were always with other people, and not in a "double date" type of way (like my friend and I meeting him at a bar and such).
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We met online in a round-about way.

I had a female friend I had met online several years earlier who happen to have a vacation house an hour from my home town (Her full time home was 500 miles away). Whenever they came up to the vaca house, we met for dinner.

Meanwhile back at her job she was friends with my *now* husband and showed him my personal website (and also told us both that we'd be perfect for each other). He emailed me and we began talking online and via webcam. He must've been really taken with me, because gifts began coming in the mail... hundreds of dollars worth. It was December so I saved them all for Christmas Eve and let him watch me open them via webcam!

I drove the 500 miles to meet him on the weekend of New Years, and after that we made a once-monthly trip to see each other. Each time he came to see me, he bought me wonderful expensive gifts (what a sugar daddy, now all we want to do is buy big gifts for us both!), and in May I finally said enough is enough, and moved to be with him. We got married two years later
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Haha, wow. The short version is that Ian and I met living in the same dorm our freshman year of college.

This is a must read. It's like an episode of the OC or something.

The long version is that we met on that first day and there was this instant attraction and chemistry beetween us. But for some reason, I dismissed his advances saying that I had a boyfriend. I didn't have a boyfriend, and I remembered thinking that he was cute and smart and sweet, but for whatever reason, I dismissed him. We had been playing Cranium with a few kids on our floor that night including one of my good friends from high school who happened to live next door, Jess and my new roomie who I had established and instant connection with, Cheryl.

So I went off to bed having turned Ian down. That night, he and Jess got together. Well, the next morning, Jess and I had a class together, Discover Chicago. So we were sitting in class and I was like 'You know, I kind of like Ian' and she's like 'Well, so do I and we made out last night'. Having had a really bad situation in high school of this nature, I told her she could have him. She made me promise that I would have a talk with him about just being friends. I made and kept that promise.

So, after Ian and I talked, he grew to confide in me about things, especially women. Well, it turned out that he didn't want Jess at all. He wanted Cheryl. And I knew she liked him, so I told him that if he made her his girlfriend they would have my blessing.

So they dated. Meanwhile, in order to avoid feeling like a thrid wheel, I started to cultivate and eventually act on an interest I had in this guy, Paul. Paul was pretty good looking, an even foot taller than I, and he knew how to say all the right things. I was completely carried away with him. However, he spontaneously dumped me about 3 weeks into our relationship. At this point, Cheryl and Ian had also recently broken up, although all seemed well with them as friends. I was wrong, though, and I later came to find that Cheryl was falling more and more in love with Ian by teh day.

I was crushed and lonely. About a week later, though, Paul called me and told me he missed me and wanted to hang out. I got all excited and was verbally considering the possibility to my now best friend and confidant, Ian. He told me that he'd "bet me anything" that Paul would take me back. Anything? I asked. "Yes, anything, You name the terms."

So being a lonely basket-case, I told him that if Paul didn't take me back, that he had to take me out on a really fancy date. He accepted, and like the good best guy friend he is, he walked me over to Paul's place.

As it turns out, Paul was cold and nasty and did not take me back. So when Ian picked me up (Paul didn't even walk me home that night and Ian offered to save me a cab ride) I told him to make reservations. To my surprise, he actually did. A week later, he took me to Bisto 110, a fancy French restaurant which is in River North, near where Oprah lives. It was absolutely fantastic. I have never had this much fun on a date.

At the end of the date, Ian asked me if he could kiss me. I thought about Jess and Cheryl and Ithought about them real hard and...I kissed Ian. And one thing lead to another...

Well, the routine of us going out to dinner then...kissing...became more and more frequent as the winter went on. I knew that Ian had had trouble in the past with treating women...questionably...so I laid down the law. I told him that if he thought he could use me for any of his own purposes and have wrapped around his finger like those other girls that fell all over themselves for him, he was sorely mistaken. I explained that if he was using me, I was also using him.

So, this is how it went for a while. Gradually, cheryl came to suspect that something was up between us. So, one night at a party, I found this guy who was a mechanic from WI two years older than I. We started dating soon after. Meanwhile, Ian tried to get with some soprano, with not much luck. So I dated mechanic boy.

Spring break rolls around and I go to Florida to see my family and the mechanic boy went to Puerto Vallarta with some of his friends or his family or something. And I actually started to miss him. So, when I got back, thinking I could be convincing, I played up these feelings to both cheryl and Ian. Ian immediately started yelling at me for really trivial things. We began to fight about nothing really. Cheryl told us that she was going to leave the roon for 10 minutes and when she came back, we'd have to have our differences resolved.

So, Ian and I fought, and I finally just demanded for him to tell me what was wrong. And he did. He looked me in the eyes and said "Allie, I have loved you since the day I met you". Not knowing what to say to remedy the situation and avoid confrontation with Cheryl and the mechanic, I said the only thing I could: "I love you, too". Of course I quickly added that I couldn't be with him right now and left the room.

So, the mechanic figured something was up that week and took me on a walk at night along the lakefront. We were sitting out on the pier looking at th eskyline whe he said 'I love you, Allie.' I got sick to my stomach and said 'Thank you.' I made him take me home and leave.

So, I went to be with Ian. We were honest with both Cheryl and the mechanic. Cheryl was extremely angry for a while and she moved out of our dorm room and refused to speak to me for 3 months. But she came around and we're better friends now. I've asked her to be teh maid of honor in mine and Ian's wedding. I haven't seen or heard from the mechanic since that night.

As for Ian and I, we're discussing engagement and personally, I never thought it was possiblee to love someone this much!

So how was that for an epic story?
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*sigh* Such beautiful stories. Isnt is funny, how looking back, you see how truly dramatic falling in love really was? I will tell you mine, and how stupid I was in the beginning not to see it!

I met my future husband on our school bus, he had just moved to the neighborhood next to my house. We would talk with a group of other people, and then I got my first car, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse: He would repair my car, tune it up, change the oil, whatever it needed in exchange for rides to school. He was my best friends brothers best friend, so I knew he was a mechanic. And he was good at it. We were only juniors in high school at the time, so I agreed. He rode to school with me every morning, and came home every afternoon. My parents were way too comfortable with that, and if I wanted to go somewhere and I would be going further than a 15 mile radius from home, they insisted that I take him with me. It started to get annoying! But I did it, and he was a good friend, and he did just about anything for me. He watched me go through boyfriends, and never said a word to me about how he felt. Then one day, I was really upset over something that had happened, and he said something, and I just saw him in this whole new light. By this time I had stubbornly given up dating. I refused to admit that I liked him, let alone, maybe loved him. I was bound and determined to go along that everything was normal and fine. Then this girl that was a sister of one of our mutual friends, admitted that she liked him. And she really was a trash bag. She would have just stomped on his heart and left him. But they started flirting....and it drove me nuts! I wanted to rip her hair out by the roots when she hung all over him. She was still a tomboy, so there wasnt much hair to yank out because she kept it short. I was and still am a girly girl. I wore my hair in curls, but I wasnt a snob. She suddenly saw me as a threat! And he would talk about her....arghhhh....I was so jealous. I can admit it. I was jealous. There was a valentines dance coming up, and he wasnt the type to go....he was a tough guy...a bad boy...he wore the jinco pants, listened to limp bizkit and slipknot...and he really was hot. Not the grunge kind of look, but the bad boy look....and he was hot. So, somehow, I managed to dare him to go to this dance. And when he showed up at my friends house, I didnt hardly recognize him, he cleaned up so well, and looked so handsome. So, we go to this dance...and the trash bag is all over him and her sister is talking about what a great butt he has, and I was furious. He went with me, as my date. That night, we left the dance and I dropped my best friend off at her house with the intention to come back and stay the night with her. That didnt happen. He was reluctant to get out of the car...and I was reluctant to let him. And thats when sparks flew. Eventually, he got out of the car and went home. And I went home.
Two days later, we found out he had to move. Everyday for a month, I pulled into that driveway and saw that sign, and everyday, I was more depressed. Then he moved, and I only saw him at school. It was awful. But my sister...the little instigator, managed to find out where he was living, and get his number. And she ended up getting us to talk again. And he admitted that he liked me. After that, about a week later, I got sick and ended up in the hospital. And we talked every night until I went home, and then we talked on the phone once I was home. And the first day of school our senior year was the first time we had seen eachother since all of that had transpired. And the first time he held me, I knew he was the one.
We will be married for 1 year on August 7, and it will 5 years together that same day. And I still get chills when he holds me.
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I met my bf through a personal ad. I had just came out of a really bad relationship and was all set to just be on my own. My best friend had met a really special guy on the internet and seen the add and told me to call him. He was new to the area and was a horse person. That caught my friend's eye, and she told me ao call. I told her I would not respond to an add. She finally convinced me and I called and left a message. I was about to give up, and then I got a call and we talked for hours. We had so much in commom so we decided to meet. I was a nervous wreck, as I did not even know how to act after 15 years! I was so nervous I even drank a beer at noon to calm my nerves..... When I first seen him, we met in a public place ( I was paranoid) I thought, HOLY COW! What a babe! We went to see my horse, and than we cruised for a bit and I showed him the area. I then felt very comfortable and invited him to my place. We talked for hours, and ended up kissing on the couch like a couple of school kids (we are in out 40's) We have not been apart since that day. 4 months later I moved in with him and am still here. I hate to be aways from him, he is my security blanket!!!!
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to my friend for pushing me!
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The short version? We met at his church, and wound up going out.....the longer version? When we met at his church, I was "sort of" seeing another guy...our bass player....our first "date" was on the Friday night after we met....and I wound up having dinner sitting between the two of them!!!!
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