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Rectal secretions

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As I posted in another thread, Belle Starr, formerly known as Mirah, has been bouncing her hind legs... well she also had diarrhea, and her bum was red. I didn't think too much of it, because most kittens have diarrhea now and then, but... I was laying in my bed, and she was beside me, and I saw some kind of drip on my sheet. I checked Belle and she is secreting some kinda liquid from her rectum. I am going to get her to the vet as soon as I can. Is this something of severe concern? Do you think it can wait til the holiday passes?
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I've researched some, and it sounds like Anal Sac Disease.... what do you think? Anyone know anything about Anal Sac Disease?
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I was just going to ask a similar thing. What color is the stuff? My little Luna has been dripping watery-looking liquid from her anus yesterday night. It was really transparent and mostly no odor....Now she was just coming out of her long-term diarrhea (checked by the vet, special food and all) but then she found a bit of CHEESE and ate it. So she got diarrhea the last two days and yesterday that tranlucent liquid stuff...she even got some on my face, wich is pretty traumatic!lol It seemed to have gone this long has this been going on with your kitty?
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I just noticed it last night. It's sounds the same as your, except she didin't get any cheese or anything.
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Well, Luna's problem, might not be cheese-related, so I wish somebody could inform us a bit about that stuff...
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Is it coming directly out of the anus, or is it coming from the anal glands: two openings located to the left and right of the anus?
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In my (Luna's) case, I beleive it's coming right out of the anus...I tought about anal glands problem too, but there was really too much of the stuff to be it, I think. If it hadn't been white, I would have thought it was pee.
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help! this happened to my kitten yesterday too! he didn't even seem to notice, although he has had diarrea the past few days...the liquidy secretions that came out were was light brown and smelly i hope nothing is wrong with him...anyone have any insight??? thank you so much...
p.s. i actually took oscar to the vet this morning so they can examine him...i would reccomend the same thing to anyone else with the same prob, you never know...
p.p.s what's the difference between if it's coming directly from the anus or from the glands? i didn't even know cats had glands there....
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Well me neither!lol I thought they were inside...or something. The liquid did seem a very pale shade of brown at first, but when she had done poopin', it came out clear...
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I think Belle's is an anal sac problem......
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i'm worried i have done some research and am NOT feeling better at all....let's keep each other informed...i will let you know what my vet says about it, oscar is still at the vet and will be there until they see why he's got this diarrea, i told my vet about the sercretions, although i'm not sure if he was even listening
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I've researched it, and from what I read, it's not a huge emergency, but that you need to get it taken care of, because it can turn into an infection or abcess. Around here, all the vets are closed for the holiday, so I'll take her tomorrow.
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I just went and checked on her, and all is fine. No redness, no puffiness, no secretions... everything looks normal. YAY!
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let me know...i will have news to-morrow, i probably won't even shut my eyes tonight....
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wow that's great!! oscar apparently didn't have any today either...they're watiching him closely at the vet---
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It's back... she has a 9 AM vet appointment tomorrow..... also, she didn't quite make it to the litterbox, and pooped on my floor, and there were two drips of blood.
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My one cat had a similar thing happen too I noticed, one time she came next to me on the bed and turned around so her butt was facing me and I glanced down and saw a little drip of what looked like clear or light brown liquid. Just one drip but it smelled a bit and it definately came out from the side, like from the anal sac or whatever. This happened a total of 2 or 3 times in the past year and a half but I usually take her to the bathroom and wipe it off (ewww!) and then I don't see it again for a long time. I never worried about it, but should I?
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Just got back from the vet. Though the fecal showed nothing, he says it's probably an intenstinal parasite, dewormed her, and got some flea prevention. He also put her on some antibiotics and vitamins, just in case. He also told me that she has a neurological problem... said she walks a little funny with her hind legs and twitches some. He thinks it might be because they were exposed to panleukopokemia virus inutero. He told me to keep an eye on her, and she should be better in about two weeks... then they're getting vaccinated.
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that's good news, do you feel better now??
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You are a good furbaby Mommy. Thanks for the update about Belle's condition. It sounds like she will be ok. Let us know how she is doing.
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