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I'm from Canada but we just had our long weekend pass as well and the kids across the street had a bit too much to drink and blast off some fireworks at 2am. I think a ban on where and when they can be set off would really help.
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Yea it sounds like WWII around here at night.
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I too am aggravated by this!!! People have been fireing off M80's all weekend. Late at night, when I need to be sleeping for work the next day. Needless to say, I'm tired, and my body aches because of the poor sleep I have been getting due to these freaks lighting em off all fricken weekend!!!!
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Luckily, I live between a shopping district and the police station on the edge of a settled residential area. Most of the fireworks I've been hearing are from local community celebrations and are far enough away the AC mutes most of the sound. Ivo hasn't responded at all although I've been startled once or twice.
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We had our neighborhood block party last night instead of today due to people having to work Monday. We were only shooting them off until about 10pm, though. One of the neighbors went to Georgia and bought illegal fireworks (in FL anything that launches or explodes is illegal, which leaves basically only the ones that shoot sparks from the ground). Someone called and complained, a cop that lives in the neighborhood came around to tell us but overlooked it saying "things look alright here"... the launching tube was in plain sight of his car!

Someone just let off a huge mortar down the street... sounded like a bomb! I hope they don't set our house on fire!!!

The kits aren't really affected, but Mika did spend about a half hour jerking around to look at the window every time one went off at first. We have several boxes of sparklers left we'll go out a finish off in a minute.
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Fireworks & gun shots are illegal in my area. I live near the Mexican border. People smuggle a lot of fireworks into the US. It becomes like a war zone here on New Years Eve & the 4th of July. I stay home with Dexter & Sadie. I keep them near the floor because gunshots have been know to go through windows. I hate it. Stupid people.
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Ok I love fireworks but I always feel so sorry for the animals. Sorry to hear the animals have been disturbed at your place MA.

we have had people shooting them off around here since mid-late june and will prolly be going till early august
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