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DT for the 28th!

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Well - it is rolling around to about 6:30 AM. There is just the slightest glimmer of light peaking up from the mountains, telling me it is time for everyone to GET UP! My usual early morning Catsite bud - Bodlover, is still away on holiday. The boards can be a lonely place in the morning but it gives me quiet time to catch up on all the news in kitty land without the TV or the family picking at me!

I hope that everyone will have a great Friday!
Deb and the critters.
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Good morning, Debra from the SW corner of PA where its still pitch black (from my vantage point) at 7:15 a.m.

Glad to hear your ever-growing horde is doing well!

Have a great day, weekend & start to the new year!

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Good morning Debra,

It's cold here in Connecticut but still no snow. Hope you had a great holiday and will have a wonderful New Year. I'm at work and it's pretty quiet around here. I guess the whole world is still on holiday vacation. Happy Friday!
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Sitting at work, looking at the cat site. It is very cold here today & I had to wait a long time for my bus this morning. The husband has the day off so he and the cats were still in bed when I left. The only cat who was up was Merlin - the evil - because he wanted to get my new Eeyore slips - he thinks they are his stuffed animal. He almost ripped me down the stairs trying to bite Eeyore's ears!
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I had an early night last night and so and early morning this morning. For the first time in a long time, I woke up and I wasn't groggy. So I got up and tossed on yesterday's jeans and got myself a coffee at the grocery store. Which was a good thing because I needed cat food anyway.

I say it's cold, but I'm wearing only a t-shirt and a flannel shirt. I've lived in places where you wear a t-shirt, a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a flannel shirt, a sweater, maybe an over-sized sweatshirt, and then a down jacket - just to go to the mailbox. I know it isn't cold.

But I hear we are due for snow by the end of the week!
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Okay Sunlion I'm jealous! For some reason there seams to be this freeze line between Houston and Dallas that keeps us from getting the cold weather like you. We will get the freezing temperatures too but we rarely (like every 5-10 years) see snow flakes. The last time we saw snow flakes was January of 97, we had a big freeze here in Houston - all the streets were iced and small trees and shrubs were laying on the ground because they were weighted down with huge icycles (sp?). I'm glad I don't live somewhere where there is snow on the ground most of the winter but I would love to live somewhere where there was a least a snow or two.

Anyways I'm here at work, its been very quite this week and the commute has been absolutely wonderful! Usually it takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to work but this week it's only been taking me no more than 30 minutes! I've been getting to sleep in and it's been great! Today I have to start taking down the Christmas tree here at work. I hate taking them down, it always makes me feel sad.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
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Happy Friday, everyone!

I just peeked outside and I see it's snowing AGAIN! YAY! But it's not normal snow, it's more of a freezing rain type snow... it's actually making noise as it hits the ground. (?) Ah, what the heck, it's white.

Today is my shopping day. I go to the mall before work to pick up my weekly book order from the book store. Sometimes I know what I'm getting, sometimes the guy that owns the store surprises me with a new release or a first edition of an old book. I just love going in there and seeing what he got for me. Then I go to the pet store and get bedding for my guinea pigs, and food for all the animals. If need be I also go to the Hallmark store and get birthday cards for friends, or if nothing else, something for me! It's so fun when the stores aren't crowded.
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