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Indiana Update!

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So, a multitude of things have happened since I was here last!

+I met and studied with the flute professor from Eastman School of Music and she told me that I am very talented and am Eastman material!

-My boyfriend left the country and is now in Budapest, Hungary. He's been there for a week and will be in Budapest for two more weeks and then will be in Croatia for one week before returning stateside 3 weeks from today.

+He didn't leave without telling me that he has a ring to give me sometime in the relatively near future

+ I got an offer on my apartment!

-Too bad my current roommate is being a total &@^@%#^&* about it...God..words cannot express what I think of her....Arrg!

+/- So we may have to take legal action against her.

+The music institute here is...incredible. I am meeting so many awesome people and hearing some amazing artists and receiving some amazing instructions

-But it's hard to be in Muncie without a car. People here are really sweet and friendly...just not used to pedestrians.

+So, I went home to get my car! And I got to spend 24 hours with my Leo-Baby!

+Leo remembers me!

So that's about it!
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Glad your having fun in indiana..wish i could have a good opinion of the state, lol
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I'm glad you're having fun!
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You are doing a great job of creating a wonderful life for yourself!! I admire your spunk - it sure is paying off! How exciting about the ring!! I'm sure that Leo is missing you, but he's probably very happy for you..Your future is really looking bright & I am very happy for you.
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Oh, thanks so much! Your well-wishes and compliments mean QUITE A BIT to me. You guys just brightened my day! Thanks!!
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Eastman material! What great news! I am impressed! Keep working, and post again when you can!
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