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Is there something in fireworks that make cats act strangely? I had just bought some and layed them out on the floor, after i put them away my cat looked like a little gymnest rolling about where they were, and smashing here face into the ground. My dad got her away incase something in them could be bad for the cats, but besides that, it sure was cute to see.
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Sounds like she smelled something she didn't like in them. It could be that the gun powder type substance in them burnt her nose a little when she inhaled it. If she's no longer doing it, I wouldn't worry about it...but, yes, putting the fireworks elsewhere sounds like the best solution.
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oh no, the fireworks were already up and gone. She didnt seem the least bit agitateed, she looked as if she was enjoying it but we did have her move so that it wouldnt hurt her
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Last night while handling my fireworks I did notice a slight smell of residue on my hand that came off the outside of the fireworks. Not sure if it's harmful to cats but it's probably safe for all of us to keep the cats away from them.

Another important point that I'm sure others have said here recently. Don't light fireworks anywhere near your cats. We were going to set ours off in the front yard but since the kitties' main room is right near that vicinity we have to take the fireworks to the backyard because the noise will surely scare the begeezers out of them.

Happy 4th to ya!
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lol iknow :-) we do them in the feild, but there are so many people around here that have them so the basement is alwas open for the girls to hide in
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Wow that's interesting!
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