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Questionable potty habits..

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Hi there just a quick question, I have a special needs baby, Doki.. She was hurt at 5 weeks causing her to lose any feeling in her rear end. I'm talking legs, bladder the whole works. Don't worry she's doing good now, after many vet visits and unacceptable options we took her home and let her decide her fate. She's about a year old now and walking/running with the best of them.. Still can't use bladder but that's no problem, that's what moms are for eh? Anyway that was just a little background on her..

My question is..
She's on proin right now, to help her control keep her from having so many accidents. I of course express her bladder three times a day. She was always very small and kind of scrawny so we decided to give her something extra from the other cats, we started giving her a little bit of iams wet food three times a day along with her medicine etc. It ends up being a little less then a can a day in total that she gets, that plus the dry food the other cats have available at all times. This obviously has helped a great deal, instead of running away when it's "potty time" she comes right to me happy to cooperate. My issue now is since that started she's gone from pooping twice a day to once, someone had mentioned that giving her wet food could cause her to have more solid waste and she may have more difficulty passing that.. So now she only goes once a day and I'm a little worried. Any advice or suggestions, is once a day acceptable? I would just take her to the vet but she is very healthy and doesn't seem at all uncomfortable or in any kind of stress.. so I thought I'd get some advice here first.

Also any suggestions on a better wet food would be good, I've been told iams is great but maybe there is something better for her needs?
Thanks again.
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Actually, I think the reverse is true...good quality wet food produces less solid waste.

Bless you for your wonderful attitude and for opening your heart and home to this special kitty!!
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If she is going a goodly amount once a day, I wouldn't tend to worry. It is when she can't go at all that you should worry.
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