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Teacher dress code.....

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Hope the link worked. I think there is a problem with how teacher's dress in my children's schools they are required to wear uniforms and are penalized if it is not perfect, but the teachers come in with flip-flops, mini skirts and low cut tshirts. It is a shame. If children have to dress a certain way so should teachers!
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i wouldnt have a problem with flip flops as long as they can walk in them ok and dont trip themselves up when running after the kids!

but wearing anything remotley sexually provocative is imo not on. you have to dress in a way which conveys authority or else the kids wont respect you.
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i think this guy has hit the nail on the head:

Mark Berntson, who teaches high school band in West Fargo, N.D., wears a tie each day. It's a tradition he began years ago to stand out from his students. He does not wear blue jeans to class often, saving them for occasions such as the first day of baseball season.
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Well, as a future teacher, I have not had a problem with the clothes that I have worn to school during my various student teaching placements. Teaching second grade, I wore pants most of the time because I joined my students on the floor a lot. The style of wearing apple sweaters and jumpers is gone. I wore nothing revealing. Fridays were casual, so I wore jeans (but nice, newer ones that fit loosely) not raggity or tight. I never wore t-shirts or sweatshirts. For most teachers, proper dress should be common sense. However, I did see a veteran middle school teacher during one of my placements wear a rather short jean skirt. To each his own I guess.
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Originally Posted by catlover7731
I think there is a problem with how teacher's dress in my children's schools they are required to wear uniforms and are penalized if it is not perfect, but the teachers come in with flip-flops, mini skirts and low cut tshirts. It is a shame. If children have to dress a certain way so should teachers!
I think that it should be obvious to the teachers, being in a professional environment, that they should dress professionally. I'm not talking formal suits or even a uniform, but definately no flip-flops (a hazard if there is an emergency), short skirts or tight tops. My workplace recently implemented a dress code for all employees, taking into account the duties of the various positions-the more senior the position or positions with a lot of public interaction are required to dress more professionally. I've heard some grumbling, but really how hard is it to not wear a t-shirt with an obscene saying to work?
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I can't imagine a teacher wearing a miniskirt! At my highschool most of my profs wore slacks or knee length skirts with blazers or nice shirts. They could wear jeans on Fridays, but most didn't. Shorts were not allowed- even in my middle school where we had no air conditioning. I just assumed all teachers wore dockers, polo shirts, or button up shirts!
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Teachers are professionals, in positions of authority and should dress accordingly. I'm appalled that it has to be spelled out. These teachers should KNOW what's appropriate and what's not.

My workplace is casual but, they've recently had to crack down. More and more employees are showing up, wearing tops cut down to HERE and skirts up to THERE. Personally, I'm tired of seeing butt cracks and belly rings.

Supervisors have tighter standards: they are allowed to wear jeans, sneakers and/or T-shirts, only on Fridays and Saturdays.
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I think school unforms are a great idea for both teachers AND students! I attended a private Catholic girls' school and there was never any distractions in terms of clothing et al when we were studying. This school also consistently gets the best scholarships, prizes.. it really does make a difference.

I am no prude but am aghast at some of the clothes I see young girls especially were -they seem to have little respect for themselves. We wore mini skirts but they were never that provactive or suggestive. Attending school dressed like that is a recipe for disasrer - and the same is true for teachers. A teacher who dresses like the one referred to is showing reespect for his students and his peers!
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It should be obvious to anyone qualified to be a teacher that they should dress appropriately and be covered modestly. It is hard for me to understand how it could even be an issue. I guess I am just old. I have no problem with teachers wearing jeans and t-shirts, especially for those dealing with children. Skin and cleavage is just not appropriate for any teacher, anywhere, IMO.
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Teacher here. We have no dress code whatsoever, and the vast majority of the teachers wear jeans or khakis with polo shirts, T-shirts or sweaters most of the time. Nobody ever wears anything the least bit revealing. I wish I could say the same thing about the kids. One girl, very busty, had on an extremely low-cut shirt today, and two of the guys teased her so much that I doubt she'll do it again.
When I first started teaching, I was roughly the same age as most of my students, so I got dressed up so that people realized I was a faculty member, but I haven't had that problem for years.
One thing you learn very quickly when you're teaching - your clothes should all be machine-washable, because you are going to get board marker, ink, toner from the photocopier or printers, etc., on your clothing. We have one classroom where we still use chalk!
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Originally Posted by catlover7731
If children have to dress a certain way so should teachers!
Yes!! Isn't that what "setting an example" is about?
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man...........what is the world coming to when it has to be spelled out for teachers.
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While I agree that teachers shouldn't set a "bad" example, their job isn't to raise kids, but to educate them, i.e., help them acquire certain skills and learn to analyze. Far too many parents seem to abdicate their responsibilities, which include seeing to it that their children learn how to behave properly in most social settings, respect other human beings, laws, and nature, and to take responsibility for their actions/lives.
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I am a strong believer in the mantra that if you want to be treated as a professional, you should look the part. I also see where, in some areas, teachers will use their unions to collectively bargain over issues like dress code, because it's a small area where they feel they can have some control. Sad, really.
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Mini skirts? Revealing tops? What's next - teachers seducing students?
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Originally Posted by katl8e
Mini skirts? Revealing tops? What's next - teachers seducing students?
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I think it's safe to assume that not every teacher wears belly shirts. I remeber casual friday is high shcool. the teachers would lose the shirt and tie, and dresses, in favor of jeans, nice sweater, collored shirts, and even college gear. I'm all for teachers dressing down on occasion, but the rules should be outlined on casual dress.
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I dont see the need for uniform among teachers - but certainly no revealing, unsafe or sloppy clothes should be worn.
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I am a former kindegarten now first grade teacher. Although I never wear things that are revealing/provacative to work (I am appalled that there are teachers who do not have common sense to cover up) I do feel that a professional dress code need not be suits a heels in the education setting.

I hardly wear skirts to work as I am constantly on the floor or running around after my students. I do not work a desk job or in an office and I am on my feet 90% of my day. Casual Fridays are my favorite because I can wear jeans and a polo and sneakers which is just so comfortable for me and makes it easy to keep up with my 6 and 7 year olds.

Although I understand the need for professionalism especially around the parents I often wish I had dress down day everyday. My primary focus is the kids and I hate feeling some days that I can't keep up with them because of being uncomfortable in what I am wearing. Just my two cents.
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I totally agree with you! I work in a daycare and we have students come in and observe our children for their education degrees ( I observed them a few times as well). The students are told to dress professional, but comfortable and they show up in skirts and pantyhose. They cannot interact with the kids, and we had circle time last week and were talking about our new friends (we just started a new summer session) One of my boys said he doesnt feel comfortable when the new teachers dress like that. He said it makes him feel like they just came from church. One girl wore a halter top and was constantly having to pull it up, so we made her put on a smock.

The rule of thumb I use is I dont want any holes in anything, but I dont want it to be so nice that if I get paint on it I will be upset. Older kids are different, but until about the fourth grade you need clothes you can move around in and not worry about ruining them.

I think a dress code for teachers is stupid. A few people dress in poor taste and now they want to punish the rest of us who use good judgement. I think that if they want to do something about it, address the offending teachers individually. In college teachers and administration are taught that group punishment doesnt work, so why are they trying to group punish us?
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I went to a small, strict, old-fashioned country school where the teachers dressed professionally. It made is so easy to respect their authority. I appreciated their efforts, even when I was young. As a result, I dress in a long skirt & blouse (also because I don't have time to go change before going to the office) when I volunteer in the classrooms. I make sure that I wear comfortable shoes, though, so I can romp & play during recess! The teachers at the schools where I've volunteered all dress very professionally, and they are just the best! I'm very proud of them!
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