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i found 6 kittens by my barn!! how do i find out how old they are?? what do i feed them! and they are infested with fleas!! is there any product out there for fleas that i can use on them??
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is the mother still with them?

if you can post a picture someone might be able to tell.

could yo describe them eg. eyes open. are they able to walk? are they very active?
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yes i can post pictures later today. their eyes are open, their ears are open and only 2 of them are really active. i think the fleas are making them really really tired because they are everywhere on them!
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It depends on their age with the fleas. If they are under 8 weeks then you should not use any flea treatment on them. You'd have to comb them with a flea comb and drop the live fleas into a container filled with sudsy water (dish detergent works) just make sure the container is high enough and the water is at a low enough level that the fleas can't jump right back out again.

If they are older than 8 weeks, use a flea treatment from the vet. The over the counter ones can be very dangerous to cats!
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you can also give them a bath with sudsy water from joy dishwashing soap. it will stun/kill the fleas, is completely safe, and after the bath you comb them out with a flea comb.
post #6 of 24 will guide you. Is the mom around? If she is, she will be frantic looking for them if they are still nursing. If they are weaned, that is another story
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yes they are definately under 8 wks but i don't really know exactly how old... i got pics im fixing to post them.. how do i post them???
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im not sure if the mother is around.... i didn't see one. should i take them back??
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from that website you just posted they look to be about 3 weeks old.
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Originally Posted by BrittBS
yes they are definately under 8 wks but i don't really know exactly how old... i got pics im fixing to post them.. how do i post them???

Here is a link to a thread on how to post pics.
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the vet can spray them with flea treatment if they are older than ten days. i suggest you ring them for advice. the sooner the better as the fleas can and will kill the little ones.

the mum was probably off hunting. i suggest you try to trap her and get her spayed or else with no kittens she will go back into heat fast and just have more to replace them.
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If they are only 3 weeks old, they can't eat solid food, and need Mom's milk or need fed with a replacer ever 2 hours or so (following the links above to get exacts) they need fed and they need vet treatment for fleas!
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so should i keep them or take them back out there?
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here's the pics

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have you seen a mother cat out there at all?

are they eating by themselves yet?
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what do i feed them?? i think if i remember right the lady at the pet shop told me that i can go ahead and feed them evaporated milk instead of the expensive kitten formula
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do a search here for kitten glop or try the website tailor made for such situations.

dont try to feed them evaporated milk, its best to stick to what you knwo wont hurt them.

have you tried them with kitten or cat food yet? or failing that chicken baby food (with no onion or galic added)
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yea i watered down kitten food for them but i don't think they're eating it
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is this formula okay?? its much easier than the one on the kitten rescue website

3 oz. condensed milk
3 oz. water
4 oz. plain yogurt (NOT low-fat)
3 large or 4 small egg yolks
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i'd pm someone like Hissy, GailF or Kumbulu, they'll know for sure.

did you get the recipe from a good website or a person used to kittens?

ring your vet for some (free) advice if in doubt.

try putting a dab of the cat food on the kittens nose or paw to get them to eat it. Mine started eating wet food at three weeks but he was an only child (lol) and a fat bloater!
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If you can't get kitten milk use goats' milk mixed with the other ingredients. It is safe for kittens where cows' milk isn't (lactose content). I am not an expert on ferals, but I would try and get htem back with their mom if you can find her. Maybe put the kittens in a box that they can't get out of and she could get in when she hears/smells them. Watch and see if she comes back, and if not then take the kittens and feed them every two/three hours. But someone more expert may give you better advice.
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here's a pic of the medicine dropper im using.. can someone please tell me how many of these i feed every 5 hrs?? i know 4 wk old kittens are supposed to eat 80 cc's but if they only eat every 5 hrs that means that they need to eat 16cc's every 5 hrs! 16cc's sounds like a lot for a tiny kitten to eat!! can anyone help??

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I am going to pm a couple of people about this thread as they may not have seen it, since often our experts only check the pregnancy & kittens forum..

GOOD LUCK - sorry I cant be of any help but I will thinking of you
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These babies are probably old enough (they do appear to have teeth) to have regular canned cat food - so go ahead and open a can, mix it with a little warm water and put it down for them - my bet is that they will eat it.

The kittens should stay with you and not be stressed out in any way. You don't want to spray these babies for fleas- talk to a vet about safe flea treatment- anything brought over the counter could potentially harm, even kill these babies.

Do not put them back with mom, if she is feral she will either ignore them or try to kill them if your scent is strong on them, and seeing you have had them on your lap, I would guess it is. Bathing them to get your scent off of them won't work either, they will smell differently and she will want nothing to do with them.

Again is set up to help you here.
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