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new cat

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I just got a new cat from a shelter. She is 2 years old
and declawed (I didn't declaw her, the previous owner did, declawing is horrible)She has refused to eat or use the litter box. Do you have any advice on what i should do?
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It takes time for cats to adjust to a new home. You didn't say how long she has been home, but I am assuming not very long. The first thing I would do is put her in just one room if you can. Put her food, water and litter box in there with her. Make sure she has some toys and a comfy place to sleep. It is easier on them if they have less to take in at first and if they can feel safe when eating and such. I would leave dry food out all the time and if she has had canned food, I would put it in there in the evening and check to see if she has eaten before you go to bed(you don't want to leave wet food out over night). Usually they will eat and drink something when all is quiet and they feel a little more secure.
During the time she is in there. I would go in and talk soft to her, give her treats and let her come to you when she feels comfortable. Once she knows she is going to be safe she will start to come around. Once she starts showing signs of being more at ease, you can let her try and venture around the house in her own time. You can open the door and let her come out when she feels like it, yet she will have "her" room to go when she gets scared. It can take months for them to adjust after a trauma, so just give her lots of time and love.
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Keep her away from bright lights (i use night lights with newcomers) keep her in a quiet place, play classical music on a CD or radio with the volumne really low. Also make sure that the litter will not hurt her paws, you can start out with just strips of newspaper, because with declawed kitties, clumping litter, or hard litter can really cause them problems. You can even use rabbit food- I know, sounds silly, but it works quite well. Entice kitty by warming up her food in the microwave just a few seconds, sit on the floor with her, read softly out loud out of a book just to keep her company and just let her adjust. Thank you for adopting this one and good luck!
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Airlie - you are an angel for adopting this little one from the shelter - too often the older kits go unwanted.

THANK YOU from our house for being such a good kitty person!
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