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Cat Water Fountain, Which do you recommend?

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I want to get my cat a water fountain. She is always drinking out of the toilet, the kitchen sink or the bathtub even though I clean her dish and refill it consistently! I'm considering any of these, and if you know of others let me know:

Catit Water Fountain~

Petmate Fresh Water Fountain~

Drinkwell cat fountain~

Thought/experiences/opinions are all welcome. Thanks so much! They range in price from $19.99-$39.99.
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Here's a link that compares two of the water fountains http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ight=drinkwell
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I have the cat it.
My cats love it only thing is that we ran outr of water filters so it's been out of commision for a while...
It is a bit fiddly to clean though but the cats dont seem to mind
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I ended up with two Fresh Flows and have been happy with them.
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I have 2 petmate ones, and I found the company a great support when something goes wrong.
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I have Petmate. I hate washing it, but my cats love to drink from the fountain. Also, Petmate is very quiet, which is a plus.
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petmate fresh flow. quiet operation, easy for me to maintain, and the fur-buddies LOVE it.
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Well, I've had all 3.
I found the Petmate very hard to clean, and the Fresh Flow would run out of water so incredibly fast (although I think they now have a separate resevoir you can buy and attach) and it was just as hard to clean as the Petmate.
Now, I have the catit and the cats seem to like it the best, plus its a little easier to clean. I think its better for multiple cats because the drinking area is bigger so they can drink out of it at the same time.
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I have a Petmate Fresh Flow Deluxe. I loved it!!! When my Sunshine had Giardiasis I biked all over town to find him a water fountain (got a sunburn ) . It ended up saving his life.

It is extremely quiet. I am extremely sensitive to noise so it is a Godsend. However, the pump is not strong enough to satisfy my cats. I ended up removing the filter and cleaning it every week. The water fountain also runs out of water pretty fast (I have five cats) so I placed the water fountain in another bucket and filled up the bucket halfway with water.

Even with all those minor inconviences, the water fountain saved Sunshine's life and I am eternally grateful.
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