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My baby, Dalla

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I just wanted to write a little about my kitten that left us on April 11th at just 20 months of age.

Dalla came to me as a foster, but just after a week with her I knew I had to keep her. She was about 5 months old and only weighed 2 pounds. She was found in the Burger King parking lot when it was 9 degress outside. She was hypothermic, and we warmed her up. She ate and drank well and started gaining weight, but there was obviously something wrong with her because she couldn't walk and her stomach wa very bloated. The vet x-rayed her and found out that she had ingested a foreign body. She also had severe luxating patellas, which is why she couldn't walk. So, at 3 pounds the vet did an exploratory and removed plant material, several rubber bands and a piece of ceramic tile from her stomach and spayed her.

Over the next month it was amazing to watch my other kitty Romeo to get Dalla moving. She healed well from her surgery and kept growing. Romeo begged her to play with him and she slowly learned to walk by dragging her legs, then she started using them more and more. We started giving her glucosamine and she eventually was able to do most everything a kitty should be able to do. She also became more and more friendly. She became my little lap buddy, and she would just purr and purr and bathe my hands and face.

Dalla suffered from what we thought was asthma her whole life, and soon developed diabetes. She tolerated getting pills, "breathing treatments" with her inhalers, having her sugar checked and getting her insulin with hardly any fuss. No matter how much I did to her and how often she had to go to the vet, she never held it against me. I could never have asked for a better cat. She taught me so much about unconditional love and friendship.

One day Dalla started having difficulty breathing. I took her to the vet, but he said her lungs sounded clear and to just increase her breathing treatments. That was on a Saturday, and by that evening it was obvious that she was in trouble. We took her to the emergency vet who also said that she sounded clear, but her x-ray showed that only 20% of her lungs were clear. They put her in oxygen for the weekend and treated her for pneumonia and possible CHF. On Monday morning, I picked her up from the ER to take her to my regular vet. She died in the car on the way there. A necropsy showed that she died of a lung carcinoma. The pathologist said that her lungs were made up entirely of cancer tissue, and she had almost no normal lung tissue. She never did have asthma. She had cancer since at least she was 5 months old.

Dalla died 1 month before I got married, and I think that my mind has been dragging out the greiving process so that I could finish with my wedding planning. I have been angry for the last 2 months, but now this week I am just hurting. I find myself thinking about her all of the time. I have her ashes in a pretty little cat urn with her collar around the neck. Sometimes I just hold her and cry. I wish I could have changed things for her. I wish that she didn't have to spend her as few days at the ER with strangers. I wish I could have ended her suffering humanely instead the awful way she died. I wish I had let her crawl in my lap in the car like she tried to before she left. I wish I could have held her and told her how much I loved her.

I hope she knows that I am missing her.

Thanks for listening.
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She knows that you are missing her and how much you loved her. She is waiting for you on the other side of the rainboow bridge. It sounds like you did everything you could for your baby and did what you and the vet thought was right at the time.

RIP sweet little Dalla.
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That is just too sad!
Poor little thing. I am glad she had you to love her and care for her! What a sad thing to happen just before your wedding.

It is not the last 5 minutes of life that matter most. Anyone can be nice for 5 minutes. It is the year of love and care that you provided to keep her going despite her illnesses that made Dalla's life happy. Condolences on your loss!
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You did change things for her-- she went from being the "unnamed, unwanted, doomed one" to "Dalla, the dearly loved and forever cherished"!! What you did for her made the angels rejoice! Poor thing, to have resorted to eating rubber bands & tile I, too, wish that you would have had more time with her here on earth, but maybe it was time for Dalla to graduate to the other side of RB, being pain-free & romping happily with all our other TCS cats who have gone on before us. RIP little Dalla!
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That is such a sad story, but you gave Dalla so much love in the short space of time you had her. She may not have had asthma, but the treatment for it might have helped her breathing, and with what she had swallowed and the other health probs she had, she prob wouldnt have lived more than a few weeks if she had been left outside, so you did a brilliant thing by taking her in.

RIP little one.
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She knows how much you miss her and how much you loved her. You saved her life and gave her happy times.
I am crying with you and for you. It will get better, slowly. Remember she's happy now and is not in pain. I am praying for you. Bobbie
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
It is not the last 5 minutes of life that matter most. Anyone can be nice for 5 minutes. It is the year of love and care that you provided to keep her going despite her illnesses that made Dalla's life happy. Condolences on your loss!
I agree with Beckiboo, you gave your Dalla everything, you dedicated time and love to her, did all you could. She knew she was on her way, and she wanted to be with YOU while passing from her "physical" life to the other side. That's why she tried to crawl into your lap, because you were so important to her. She knew you were there for her, don't scold yourself dear.
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I cried reading your post this afternoon. I also cared for a diabetic kitty who went on to develop cancer - and I know the amount of effort and time one puts into such care. I know that for me, those cats who needed me the most, the ones I dedicated so much of myself and my life to, are the ones I miss the most - and they are also the ones who taught me the most about myself.

Sending healing light and hugs,

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words escape me as I read your post - what a beautiful tribute to your darling girl Dalla How wonderful of you to give her a life of love no matter her illnesses or struggles - so many wouldnt of done this.

I am so very sorry for your loss but Dalla is now watching over you and wants you to remember the happy times you had together - she knows that there will be more happy times spent together when the day comes that you will meet at the bridge.

RIP sweet angel Dalla - enjoy those wings little one and know how loved you were
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