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I'M GOING TO HAVE A (furry) BABY!!!!!

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And I am so thrilled! For a long time I didn't think I could have one at my apartment, but it has been cleared!!

Now, I need a list of what to get for this new addition's well-being, health, and general care. I had a cat many years ago, but since then there has been an explosion of cat products. I've been scouting places like PetSmart for some time now, and am downright overwhelmed by all the products and different options on each product. A number of you seem quite knowledgeable about cats; could I get someone to describe a kind of shopping list of what I'll need before bringing one home?

I do not intend my cat to leave the apartment unless I take it elsewhere for a walk. For that I'm sure to need a carrier. I know I'll need a litter box, also.

Any information you all could give me about supplies, what to look for, what to look out for would be deeply appreciated.
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Hmm... here is a list of stuff, just for ideas... you dont have to get everything, especially in one trip. Just go, have fun, get a few things for starters. After a while, you will figure out what the kitty likes and will play with.

Basics, litterbox, litter scoop, food and water bowls(maybe a fountain), collar, leash, harness, litter filters, litter deoderizer(arm&hammer is good), and of course the carrier you mentioned.

Maybe a bed, lots of toys, a laser pointer is always a good buy, catnip and catgrass are good. Hairball medicine, food and dont forget treats!!! A brush, and a hair roller for your clothes And cleaning clothes, just in case they get into something and you dont want to give them a full bath.

Also, dont forget to go by your vets and get flea&tick medicine(dont buy the cheap stuff!!!)

Maybe a cat condo, or cat tree... and dont forget a scratching post!!!

These are just ideas, there are lots of things to consider. Have fun and dont forget to post pics of your new addition!!!
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COngratulations - where are you going to get your cat from? DOn't forget that there are always many kitties of all ages, types and colours at the shelters, especially in the summer Kitten Season.

I would forgo the cat bed as cats rarely use them, and supply a good cardboard box with a blanket/towel in it to start with, in a quiet place till the cat is ready to explore. Soon you will find that it will choose its own sleeping places. And if you can, get two litter boxes - the cat will be more comfortable with a choice and it may prevent building up habits that could be hard to break.

I wish you joy of your new addition!
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i found my cat tree to be the thing most used by my cats.

you might want to invest in either a litter locker ( a place where you can store used litter every time you scoop to save you running to the bin) or nappy bags (diaper sacks) to get you in the habit of scooping the litter once a day. scented ones work best.

as for toys, get lots of furry mice and pingpong balls. cardboard boxes with holes cut out are a source of excitement too.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
I would forgo the cat bed as cats rarely use them
No joke, I have bought some really nice beds for them, and they refuse to sleep in them... spoiled brats They do have their favorite blankets though that they like to have folded up like a bed to sleep on

*Oh yea, paper bags are simple and can provide hours of entertainment as well
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Congratulations on the soon to be new kitty. I agree with what most people have said: toys, food, bowls, brush, toothpaste and brush, ear cleaner, hairball medicine, cat tree, beds, cat litter box, mat for box, and scooper, cat carrier, cat scratcher, And maybe another cat in the future?
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Originally Posted by catlover7731
And maybe another cat in the future?
believe it or not but two cats are actually less trouble than one as they enjoy each others company so much.

I read its best to get two kittens from seperate litters of the same age so they are not too closely bonded and will bond with you but most people prefer littermates who already get on.
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If you get a leash, spend the couple extra bucks for a retractable one. I was lucky enough to find one at a local liquidators for three bucks, elliot has a red one, and aerowyn has a blue one (to match their red and blue harnesses, which match their red and blue collars of course ) The ones I have are 25 feet. THe retractable ones also have buttons you can press down and hold, and should have a locking mechanism so you can have the leash at a desireable length. Its alot easier than having a six foot leash you buy at pet smart, because you dont have to trail after your cat, and its alot easier for me because neither of my cats ever want to go the same way, so this way they both have a fifty foot diameter to explore in.

Also for a harness, get one that goes around the neck in a circle, around the behind of the elbows in a circle, and connects the two circles with a line on top and on the chest. I have one that just connects them on the top for my kitten aerowyn, and it is constantly slipping down to the side and is uncomfortable for her.

Train with harnesses and leashes at a young age (or as young as you can manage to fit the harness on anyways) Trying to pull your cat isnt a good idea either.. mostly just carry him/her to the place he/she will be walking around in, and let him/her do what she wants. You CAN train your cats to walk on a leash though, it just takes a while. Elliot walks good, if I tug him a bit in a direction he will go that way, keeping mostly to the "heel" thing. Aerowyn is just getting the hang of it, and will come running if I tug on the leash a bit, or pull insistantly for her to come (after giving me a dirty look of course, she comes)

Lots of catnip toys are a good idea cats love catnip toys. Maybe not for the youngerones though? I read somewhere you arent supposed to give them catnip until they are about 6 months or a year. theres something called Da-Bird you can buy at petsmart, that alot of people here have for their cats... My cats have a wide variety of toys from homemade (poor mutilated stufed animals, which I cut open, pulled otu the stuffing, shoved in catnip, and sewed up again) to store bought (feathery things, soft things, fluffy things) Most cats seem to like the fake mice, you can buy the brightly colored ones for cheap. There are also these rabbit fur balls that they sell at vet's offices that my cats like, and elliot LOVEs those big mice that feel and smell real, with their soft rabbit fur coverings. Feathery toys are favorites also. I have this one thing which is a long yellow stick wtih a suction cup at one end, and the other has a string going down with a rabbit ball on the end that has feathers and a bell on it. Its like taht "da bird" thing I guess.

Something I bought at fleet farm for five bucks is one of those automatic waterers. It's not electric, just one of those ones that you fill the top part, put on the bottom and flip over. The water tray then fills, and the cats can enjoy it when the water gets too low, more water will come out and put air bubbles in the water holder.

Wee, I type too much all the time.

Anyways, hope this helped a bit

oh, and a good place to get cat trees is on Ebay. These people that make them.. called.. amarakat??? I cant remember, but someone made a post about it about a month ago, well they have really good cat trees, some like eight levels, and its only like 20 bucks! I payed 100 for this dinky one at petco! Its just a little house with a pole and a perch at the top :P Definitely look into ebay for a cat tree, it will be sooo much cheaper.
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Thank you so much for your responses!! You've given me some good food for thought. Now for the interesting part; namely, choosing from all the options available.

I'm curious about scratching posts. I've seen some with sisal and some that look like corrugated cardboard. Could someone tell me of your experiences with each?
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My two absolutely love the cardboard scratchers. If you get an upright scratching post, be sure that it is very stable on the base, and tall enough for a full grown cat to stretch upright on it. Most posts that I see just plain aren't tall enough. My cats use their cat tree as their upright scratching post because they can stretch out fully.
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I just got a cardboard scrather with cat nip in it and my cats love it. I also got a 7 foot 3 level cat tree and put cat nip on that and they are enjoying it very much. I got both items at Walmart:$4.00 for the cardboard scratcher and $35.00 for the tree. I went all over different sites, and ended up at Walmart,good quality, and less expensive. Where are you getting your furbaby from? and when will he/she join you?
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Marlearn, it'll be a few weeks more before I can bring my kid-tie home. I'll be out of town later this month; I didn't want to bring one home for a few weeks and then just disappear for a week. Plus, I'm shopping for necessary supplies.

Somebody seemingly dumped a lovely white and gray tabby at the farm where I work. A short time later she presented us with four more lovelies. They're not quite ready to leave Mom and make their way in the world, but my boss is now trying to find homes for them. Then surgery for her and she'll have a loving home with steady dinners (inside if she chooses), all kinds of places to hide and do neat cat things as she likes.

The little guys had me practically rolling on the ground, laughing at them all weekend.

BigOrangeMenace, it's been a while since I saw your post (I don't have a computer, and my access to one can be inconsistent), but I wanted to ask about the retractible leash you mentioned. I'll probably get one, but I've heard they can pop your finger off. How does that happen? How do people accidently take their fingers off using those leashes?

I want to take my cat out, but I also want to keep all ten fingers!!
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Congrats on your soon-to-be baby! People have already pretty much listed the things you'd need for your kitty... as you and your kitty grow, you'll learn what he/she likes as far as toys, sleeping places, food, treats, etc... my Oliver will eat anything, but is picky about beds and toys... By reading your posts, I know your kitty will be really tiny when you first get him/her, but I would suggest once he/she's grown to invest in a hooded litter box - it definitely helps with the smell and also cuts down on the amount of litter tracked out of the box and prevents kitty from accidentaly "going" over the side of the box! Good luck with your new baby!
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I would recommend 2 litter boxes. And a playmate if you can
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Congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to your family. I would strongly recommend getting a scratching post, especially if you don't want him/her scratching your furniture. It is very important to pick the right one for your cat or it will not be as effective. There is an excellent book on cat behaviour called Think like a cat: How to raise a well adjusted cat – not a sour puss. By Pamela Johnson – Bennett If you don't want to buy it, borrow it from your library. It has everything from how to pick a cat that suits you, to behaviour to picking the right scratching post.

Good luck.

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