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bed wetting;frustrated in CT.

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we adopted two cats in past foure days. they appear to get along well.
the 8 month old male, neutered maine coon has pee'd (not sprayed)on our bed two of last 3 consecutive nights.
he is a shy, avoidant, anxious, likely traumatizzed cat; very sweet at times, but then he runs away.
this cat has his own litter and space;he's completely medically checked out.
we know it's early on, but this worries us and drives us nuts !
any ideas, insights, similar experiences ? any behavioral ideas ?
thanks !!!
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Completely vet checked doesn't mean much, as you haven't told vet about this specific problem, I assume. He needs to go back to the vet and you need to describe the problem so the vet can analyze the urine and prescribe appropriate medications, if he needs them. The urinary problems in cats are often caused by strees. In this case, it would be a stress of moving into a new place-yours.
I think you should take the cat to a vet and describe his sympoms ASAP.
As for similar experiences, my one year old cat has beeing peeing all over the place, including the bed. The vet said he got idiopatic cystitis and I have my cat on special food (Walthams SO) and anti-anxiety meds. If your cat has infection, he will be prescribed antibiotics. If not, then he might be put on a special food, etc.
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It may be he doesn't like the litter. Too coarse, doesn't like the scent, box too small. The location might be poor. An anxious cat needs a good location -- good view of who's coming and a chance to escape, yet with privacy. Shouldn't be near food, water and bedding. Also, there should be multiple boxes. Two is better, three is best. You have cleaned the spots with a urine removing cleaner, right? Or laundered the bedspread? (This is all assuming there's no health problem)
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I had a cat who did that once. One night woke up to her peeing on ME!! Talk about being pi...I mean MAD! She's the BF's cat and ended up taking her to live at his mom's house. She hasn't peed on a bed since. Just in the bathtub and litterbox. I never figured out why in God's name she did that, must have been purely behavioral. We had her at the vet, put on Clavamox, thinking it was a urinary issue. Clavamox did nothing. I think it was just her behavior issues. She is a stinker...
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