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3 New Cat Trees!

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I have been after hubby for some time to agree to get a cat tree for our spare room in order to turn it into the cats room. Today he said, lets go get cat furniture. Off we went, we ended up getting 2 large ones and a medium one! I was shocked! He also grabbed catnip bubbles and another tub of the premium catnip.

So right now we have 2 large trees, 1 medium tree and a small tree in the room... now to get the cats to spend some time in there!
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Cat room in progress:

Salem enjoying one of the new trees:

Max enjoying a tree a a little cat nip - his rear looks blurry because he was playing and wouldn't stop moving to pose!

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You must have some happy cats:")
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They look definitely like something ANY cat would love to have!

BTW: Could I borrow your husband to go on a shopping spree with me?
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The kitties look VERY happy with their new furniture!
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Great husband!
Were did you get the trees? I like their sizes.
I was looking at PetCo this morning & did not find what I want.
Your kitties look very content.
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We got them at Petsmart - even got helping bringing them through the store, through the line and loaded into the SUV!
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Thanks...I'll go see what they have in our area. I sure like your kitties.
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I love the picture of a cat on each tree - they certainly seem to approve of your purchases!
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Beautiful pictures. And even more beautiful cats!!
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My kitties are jealous now!
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It's always good to hear that we humans have once again pleased our cats!!
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