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Black light question

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I'm new to the forum, but I've spent several hours reading all the previous posts about cat marking.

I have just bought a black light and put painter's tape around all the stains I found. I then plan to treat with an enzemaptic cleaner (I have "urine-off") several times as needed, and then follow with vinegar for good measure.

My question is: What do the urine spots look like under the back light if you have successfully treated with the enzymatic cleaner? Will the spots still show up, will they be completely gone, more faint, etc? How will I know when the spot is clean enough to remove the kitty-deterrant (upside-down carpet runners) from the areas with minimal risk of the cats still smelling the spot and deciding its OK to go there? I know that cats smell what humans can't, so I understand that even if it smells OK to me, it may still smell like pee to the kitty?

Thanks for any help you can give!
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I have had some odd results from using a black light. I see spots everywhere, and I have been told that the black lights pick up material otherthan usine including some etergents. I have also never been ablt to change a spot even with soaking the spot whit the black light on. What do you think ofUrine-Off? I have recently started using it,and the reviews on Amzon are quite favorable, but they say you need quite a bit of the stuff and you need to use more than you think.

I bought a pump sprayer to use with the stuff.
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Hi! The black will flouresce urine stains bright green. After treatment, they will still show but be a duller green. The only products I have had luck with are Stink Free (Petsmart sells it) and NOK out (online). Have not tried Urine Out though. Let me know how that product works for you I too have tried to see if I can smell anything after the whole treatment is done.. Not sure if the cat's can still smell after treatment. You just really have to soak the area very, very well.
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