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I'm new !

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Hey everyone,

This is my first time on the board so i thought i would say hello. I had the same cat for 16 years and his name was lucky. Saddly he died this year and it has been really difficult to deal with. We recently were given a new kitten named Napolean who we love. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get over the pain of losing a cat who was a family member?
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Hi, there! I am so sorry for your loss. It's lke losing a child, isn't it? I suggest you go to the "Crossing The bridge" forum here. You will find help there. There are great poems and stuff and links to get you some help in dealing with this.
I am sending prayers and hugs, for what it's worth.
Lucky is now at The Ranbow Bridge and is happy, healthy again, and waiting for you. I will go back and copy some of the links for you, ok?
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Welcome to you and Napolean!
I'm so sorry to hear about Lucky. The pain of loss will lessen with time. Be comforted to know Lucky loves you and waits for you in the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am sorry to hear about your loss, That must bve awful and I can understand some of what your going through. I haven't lost a cat but I have lost 4 babies. So as you can see its not exactly the same but still simular. I wish I could give you some tips on how to deal with it, all I can stay is give yourself time to grieve and don't try and hide it and pretend its not happened. Because not dealing with it is the worst thing you can do. If you have someone you can talk too, maybe talk to them about how you are feeling. Because its better out than in. Give yourself as much time as you need, you have the right to feel this way and you just need to take it one step at a time.

I hope being here will help, being around people that care and want to help if they can. There is aklso a forum for people that have lost a cat, that might be worth checking out. There you will sadly find a lot of people who have or are going through the same thing.

I hope you'll enjoy this forum as its a lovely place to be and has some lovely people, and maybe even make some friends.

Take care and if you ever fancy a chat feek free to PM me.

Eva and Cats x
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Welcome to TCS. I'm very sorry for your loss. The pain will slowly ease, but will never truly go away. After a while, you will think more of the happy times.
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thank you so much for all your help. It's so good to know that people understand how hard it is to lose a pet. A lot of my friends dont understand and think its just a cat you can get over it. Anyway, all the links are helpful!
Thanks again.
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Welcome to TCS! I am sorry the loss of your beloved Lucky
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hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and !!!

I am sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty.
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Welcome I'm so sorry you lossed your precious Lucky, I lost my Lucki to cancer ten years ago and I still miss her very much. I hope it get's easier for you soon and your new kitten brings you much joy and happiness.
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RIP sweet Lucky! Hugs to you! Just love Napolean as much and Lucky will stay with you always. Hello & welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Hi there.

I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of Lucky. It's never hard losing a family member.

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I'm sorry that you are feeling so much pain from losing Lucky. It's hard when your friends and family don't understand that losing a furry friend of 16 years is as painful as losing anyone you love- 2 legged or 4. I'm glad you found a place where people understand your pain and a place where you will make lots of new friends who are crazy about cats.

Welcome to TCS!!
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All of you have got the cutest and sweetest looking cats! I'll try to post a picture of Napolean and Lucky if I ever figure out how to do it. Thanks again for all the positive vibes!
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Welcome To Tcs!
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Welcome, Napolean XVI! So sorry for your loss.
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