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I'm in the cat house

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Hope everyone had a great holiday. I've been sooo busy with grandkids and such...
but I'm afraid I ticked Rose off big time today. I took her neat-o nifty climbing pole outside... even took the twinkly lights and dangly cat toys off it. Then after I had picked up all her toys and put them in her toy basket (making her spend time taking them all back out to redistribute them around the house), I let the Suck Monster out of it's home and it made nasty noises and ate all the little hair balls off the floor. Then I put her food dishes in the Wet/Noisy Box and she had to wait until they came out before she could have her midmorning snack. After which, I must have lost my mind because I rearranged the furniture in the living room and her favorite snoozing spot on the back of the couch is now at the other end.
The other cats were annoyed but marked it down to simple Human idiosyncracies and just went to nap on the bed... however Rose took it personal. She is WAY ticked at me. Won't even come for our usual after dinner snuggles. I tried to buy her off with her favorite treats and while she ate them, she let me know in no uncertain terms that I was NOT forgiven....

Any suggestions?
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Hmmmm.... a tuna sacrifice to appease the kitty gods?
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You rocked her world a little bit, and it will take a few days before she will accept that. Cat's hate change like this. She'll come around though.
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Catnip makes my bunch forgive & forget any human transgression.
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In the 'cat house'! I like that one.

You gotta make up for this one big time with the fur ball queenie!
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I find that it's always best not to give in!

When my little queens have been acting particularly queen-y (and I have all males now), I just toss the same attitude back at them. They come around pretty quickly when I do that, usually by bedtime the next day. I used to try to appease them, but they just accepted that as their due and continued being snotty.

But I'm not a furniture re-arranger, so maybe that's a little different.
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Katy, that's cute! I am sure Merlin would behave the same if I rearranged the furniture....they get to feeling like it is their house, not ours, and how dare we move their furniture??? :LOL:
Just give her time, she'll adjust!
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Hi Katy :angel2:

Ya know, I really like sassyfras's idea My kitties love catnip...all except for one

Well, it'll only take a little time anyway, maybe a day or two and she'll be purring her way into your heart again...ya know how they can be!! :laughing2
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That is too cute!! I'd go with the tuna sacrifice.... always works for me... (unless Ive REALLY misbehaved....gulp..)Im sure she'll come around soon.. - I mean how long can the queen cat go without being pampurred?!!! (Oh boy, I just noticed last night when we got back from holiday...there are about 100 new scratches on out leather sofa!! Fingers crossed hubby doesn't notice... I'll just strategically place a nice cushion there....heh heh heh... )
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ooooooo...Rhea, haha :laughing2 Naughty, naughty! :laughing2 Let's hope Sam, NEVER moves that cushion! :laughing2 Ever!

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