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strange noises

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It seems only in the past 2-3 weeks has my little Maggie discovered her vocal chords. Only, she doesn't meow or "cry" like other cats. She makes what sounds like a humming or a pigeon noise. It's funny but strange. She does this while running crazy and while just hanging out or following me around. Does anyone else's kitty do this? Have you heard of this? I think she's talking to me, but it's not the way I expected her to do it. It is very cute, though!
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After 2 weeks with my VERY VOCAL new cat, I realized that his "I want to play", "I want to be pet", "Leave me alone", and "Feed me" meows are all very different. And when he plays by himself with his favorite mouse toy, he makes these really weird noises (similar to what you described, Mindi). Clyde is pretty smart too. He "cries" for attention more with me than with my fiance. Because he knows that I will always pet him and my fiance might ignore him until he goes away. I agree with you that Maggie is trying to talk to you, she probably just loves her mommy!
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I have a Siamese mix, Maya Laquita Linn, who makes weird noises. Not very loud but she does it when she wants to eat or is playing with one of her toys. When she meows, it's a low sort of "laryngitis" noise. When she was younger, she used to look at me and meow only it sounded like she was saying "Ma".
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Hi - I have a 12 month old Bengal who just loves to talk - he chirps, meows and anything in between . He holds complete conversations with me but for the most part it is for attention and trying to get his message accross. now I wonder what is wrong if he is quiet. Best to you all
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I have a 12 month old torby that talks that way all the time.
I can tell what she wants by the way she speaks.
I know when she is looking for me, when she is hungary, when daddy's home, when she wants to play, when the litter box is dirty or when she can't find Ziggy (Her young house mate). And It is all though the sound of her voice.
My younger cat doesn't care at all except at meal time.
Donna G
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My Sqiurt has a bunch of different meows; he's quite vocal. Joey, on the other hand, is a little vocally challenged. I don't think I've ever heard a genuine meow out of him. He makes mostly weird little noises. I call them "blurps". He always makes on when he jumps up someplace. Sounds like he's grunting, 'cause the jump takes effort!
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I've had many cats over the years and my latest one (Cinnamon) doesn't "meow" either.

She goes "urk", "burble", "breeeep", "waaak" and many other assorted chirps and tweets.

Frankly, I think it's cute.
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I'm with you Tracer. I think the little noise are adorable!
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