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I'm back, I'm tired and its a GOOD day

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My bad day has turned around ( http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...9&page=1&pp=12 ).

Spent the last week with 35 people trying to decide if we should pull the plug on the project I worked on for the last 4 years. If they decided to do that, I would have lost my job along with a couple hundred people. It was having problems and about 3 months ago they gave me a new position to turn it around.

I had the brainchild before I left to invite the head-honcho down to Florida to visit with us and see things with his own eyes. I knew things weren't that bad, but the overpowering whining by a few people caused our management to think it was a disaster. As he left, he pulled me aside to tell me that he was impressed with what we have done, recognizes that some people are simply whining then flew back home. The next day I get a call from the office that he was walking around smiling and happy again, which means that he's not going to pull the plug.

And before we left, we polled everyone on what their thoughts were. By simply visiting them, acknowledging their concerns, sharing my plans to make it better, and keeping them well fed all week (I spend a couple thousand dollars on food for them), nearly everyone turned around. The ones that still want to pull the plug don't matter as their bosses agree to keep going.

So even though I am exhausted (I worked from 7AM to 10PM all week long), I'm home and know that our jobs are safe. I'm being followed around the house by a lot of very happy furbabies. Going to head to the sofa soon where I suspect I'll be trapped by a dozen cats for the next 2 days.

Do you hear a big sigh of relief?

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Great work, Amy!
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Phew !!! Enjoy your much deserved relaxation!
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Way to go amy..Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. Relax and enjoy your 4foots, you earned it.
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Excellent, Amy! Excellent. Enjoy a well-earned rest.
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Maybe those kittys will spoil you for once!!!
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And I almost forgot........I might have to take a trip to Brazil and/or the UK as a result of this. Going to visit other companies that use this software to listen to their experiences with it. Never been to either place and I love to travel.

And man my 4-leggeds are happy right now. I haven't had more than 4 at a time in my lap, but they are all rotating around me on the sofa. And if I don't pet them quick enough when they want loving, they just stand there and MEOWLLLL at me. I'm in fur heaven....
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Amy, I lurked around your first thread and was concerned for you but never said so. I am soooo happy to hear about this turn around glad to hear your hard work paid off! (and that you may get to travel to some cool places to boot... ) enjoy some much deserved rest with your furbabies.
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Well done - it is wonderful when you believe in something and can persuade others to your point of view.I hope it all runs smoothly from now on.
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