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My dad's new farm...critter heaven!!

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My dad just bought a farm! It's gorgeous. He's got 97 acres. Two hay fields, LOTS of pasture, lots of woods, a nice little creek...it's awesome.
It's also in the middle of nowhere on a gravel road, but that's good since his 7 cats and 3 dogs will have plenty of space to run and be happy. He's also going to get some cows and raise some crops.
Plus, my horse is going to live there along with a horse my dad's buying. He hasn't picked one out yet, but horses need buddies so he's buying one to be a friend to my mare and so we'll be able to ride together.
The barns and fencing need some work, but we're going to have very happy horses.
Here's the only pic I could upload from his website. It's looking from the end of one of the hay fields up across the road to the barns (red) and the house (white). Wish the rest of the pics would upload into my pic files, but they wouldn't! Oh well...this kind of gives you an idea of how cool it is!

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Oh wow, look at all that land! It's a pet lover's paradise!!!
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Wow! ! "Almost heaven, West Virginia ...!"

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That's beautiful! He might need some chickens and a goat or two as well!
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Wow, is that gorgeous or what??? Am I jealous or what? YEAH!!!!! Boy, if you can get more pics, I"d love to see them! Your dad is living my dream!
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That is gorgeous!
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If you guys need any one to move in... Just let me know!!!!!!
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That's our dream, too. May he have years of happiness there.
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Oh .... wow!!!!

It is just beautiful.
Ya'll enjoy it a little for me.
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That is so awesome & I am very happy for you!! Yup, sounds like critter heaven allright. I am always so thrilled when people get a great home & share it with some very lucky pets. I've met people who have houses like mansions, and a yard like a city park, and have only one dog or cat - makes the place seem more like a cemetery than paradise...
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That is out of this world! I hope you get to spend lots of time there.
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Wow..can i move in? lol
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