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Help with Kitten

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I just recently "adopted" a kitten. My friend found it on the side of the road injured and took it to a vet, the vet's said he was about 10-12 weeks old and because he was found in a very rural area I assume he was just the litter of some barn cats and has never really been cared for. He had had a broken (fractured) leg that had healed itself and the vets were otherwise able to fix him. I told my friend I would take the kitten in and take care of him for a while (hoping to keep him). However, The kitten (as adorable as it maybe be) is giving me some trouble. I have never had a kitten before (or a cat). He was/is very scared and likes to try and hide himself in my room. He however seems to get himself stuck many times and I have to help him. He meows CONSTANTLY and at everything. I don't understand, do kittens just meow constantly until thnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (wow kitten on keyboard ) they get used to things? Please help, I want to be able to keep this kitten but I can't if he keeps me up all night!

Thank you
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Try putting a small cardboard box on its side in your room. Fold a soft towel or something like it on the bottom and add a small stuffed animal. Kittens are like little babies and your little baby sounds scared. The box will make him feel more secure. Talk softly and be gentle with the little one.

At 10 to 12 wks. of age, he should be able to eat kitten food...wet mixed with dry and fresh bowl of water...a small bowl...don't want him to fall in & drown. Is he using a litter pan?
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Since he hasn't been around humans at all in his life, he is just scared, and needs to become accustomed. I would suggest what leesali said with the box. Also, give him as much attention you can so that he can grow accustomed to you, and learn to love and trust humans. It just takes patience. He might not be litterbox trained, so be patient with him about that, too. I wouldn't worry about the water pan being too shallow, either. At that age, he wouldn't drown.
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He is frightened - he has been through a lot, most of it bad, but it sounds like he is adjusting to you - jumping on the keyboard, while annoying, is a very good sign of wanting to be near you. Kittens are like babies in that they do meow and demand constant attention, but he will grow out of it as he gets bigger and feels more secure. It is never easy with a kitten and a feral has its extra problems, but is incredibly rewardingin the end. 2 of mine were feral and one was a barn cat, and I don't regret for a moment taking any of them in.
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