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Semi feral with weepy eye

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One the cats that i'm feeding, (female/spayed) has a weepy eye. When we took her in for the spay it was the left eye. That has cleared up but now the right eye is weeping. Is there anyway to treat it via food? She's very weary of the trap so i'm not sure i can trap her again.... She not too wild. I can't touch her yet but she will come up and eat about two feet away from me and she has also formed a bond with the male that we spayed and neutered. Every evening they sit together on our porch on the cushions we've put out for them.... very cute.
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It's very likely that she has a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection). Antibiotics would clear it up. She might pass it along to her little male friend

You are an angel for trapping/neutering these kitties. The world needs more people like you!!!

Please keep us updated!!!
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Doubt very much that it is URI as it is a clear discharge and no mucous at all...

The vet said that ONLY eye drops would clear it up but eye drops are not an option for her as i won't be able to apply them...

Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions that i can grill my vet on. The vet we go to takes a pretty dim view of ferals and i can bet she'll just say that we should just let the cat be if i talk to her about it...

Having said that i guess i can always just call the another clinic. Might do that tomorrow.
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If you can get close enough, maybe a little Terramycin would help.

My ferals sometimes have watery looking eyes but within days they clear-up on their own. The Terramycin has helped tremendously with the rescued ones...not sure if I can get the ferals to sit still to apply it.

Wish I had better advice for you.
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I've just uncovered some info on the web that says that adding L-lysine to her food may help.

-Oral administration of l-lysine is helpful in some cats. 250 to 500mg
per day per cat is the usual recommendation. Most cats will eat these
tablets if they are crushed and mixed with food. These tablets are available
over the counter-

I found this on a website dealing with feline herpes... If her eye does ot clear up by tomorrow i will go get some L-lysine and add it to her food. I'm hoping it will work and in the mean time i'll work on warming her up to me a bit more.
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