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Object #1: hard, uncomfortable solid-oak dining chair

Object#2: thick, soft cushion, loosely attached to Object #1

Sandwiched between the two objects: Miss Rowdy, with all three nether appendages dangling in space, sleeping soundly. HOW does she sleep, in that position? I can't even SIT on that chair, without the cushion.

Now, mind you, my house contains TWO soft sofas, one soft loveseat, a LaZBoy chair and a pillow-top queen-sized bed, all of which Rowdy has unlimited access to. The cat is weird!
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lol Great pic!
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She's a cat! And a tortie at that! Whaddya want?? Logic? Great pic.
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Hahahahaha..... that reminds me of how LILO sleeps. She much rathers a hard surface. I do however catch her on something soft every now and then....

Beautiful furbaby you have there though.
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aww, that is so cute! sara does the same thing... she will lay on the cold, hardwood floor, rather than the nice fluffy rug or couch or whatever....

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She prob. likes it because its cooler, and its warm out right now. Oliver's been sleeping sprawled out on the hardwood floor lately or the marble kitchen floor. Looks uncomfortable to me but he loves it! Emma has a bit more sense and sleeps exclusively on our pillow top queen bed or the leather recliner!
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This would bug my husband terribly. He is always trying to make the cats "more comfortable". Usually he wakes them from a sound sleep and doesn't make them more comfortable as they immediately go somewhere else to sleep.
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