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Question about discharge

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My pregnant cat (Siamese, around 60-62 days) just had some kind of sticky fluid discharge. Plus she is feeling kind of weak. She's not yet having contractions. But is the fluid discharge without any kind of contraction or kittens coming out after a few hours just normal? Or should I bring her already to the vet?
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my cat Sheala had that happen to her...it had a little blood mixed in with it and i knew it was her mucus plug....every cat is different but she had her babies two days later......but again i am no vet and it wouldnt hurt to call and ask your vet what he or she thinks.....id def keep and eye on her! hope all is well and she has a safe delivery....keep us posted!!
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Thanks! At least that made me feel a lot better. Everyone at the house are very anxious and and are expecting the cat to deliver the kittens anytime soon because of that fluid discharge. Thanks for clearing that up.
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2 kittens just came out. The first kitten came out around 15 to 20 minutes ago.
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woooohoooooo.... CONGRATS.......its very exciting and a blessing to experience this huh? keep us posted on the birth and let us know everything is going great
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There are 5 kittens all in all. Almost all of them seem to be healthy. The only problem was the fourth one. She came out with the umbilical cor wrapped around her hind legs. I'm not yet sure if there are only broken bones or if there's permanent damage on the legs. I'll be asking the vet at a later time, but right now, I'm thinking about putting a splinter on the legs. Any ideas if this would help?
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ring a vet and ask, you dont want to case any abnormal bone growth.
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wow five kittens....again congrats ...i will pray that the fourth is as healthy as the others....i agree to call the vet and ask....also pay attention to the kitten for any signs...they are so young and are not so sturdy anyhow but i would make sure that kitten is moving around as much as the others do....if so and its painful the kitten will let out cries...but dont confuse this with the kitten trying to find its way to mommas milk
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please ring the vet first. congratulations!
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