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Pouncing and attacking

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My kitten Ozzy loves to bite and scratch me...but his worst habit is that all of a sudden he stares into your eyes,gets ready to pounce and he scratched my mom right under her eye.I dont know why he does it but I'm afraid he's going to scratch my eye out.

I know he isnt trying to hurt me,that he's just playing,but he has this weird problem with peoples eyes and he gets focused on our eyes all of a sudden and its really creepy.Why does Ozzy do this,and how can I get him to stop?I want to keep my eyes.
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Make sure that no one is staring Ozzy in the eyes! If you stare at a cat, it means war to them. It could be that this is what Ozzy is doing. There are several threads about this on TCS, I'll have to go find one for you. Make sure that when you, or your mom or anyone else for that matter, looks at Ozzy, be sure not to stare at him without blinking.

Be right back...
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That stare is what they do just before pouncing on prey or on an enemy. Whenever you see that stare, do something to distract your cat, to interrupt his natural train of action. Definitely don't stare back, because then you're the target of the pounce. And tell the others.
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Quick note that might help you know just about the time that your kitty's going to pounce...their eyes dilate according to how excited they are...the bigger the center of the eye is, the more excited they are. Watch them sometime, and you'll see...it's a good warning sign for you.
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