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I'm being followed...

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and it's kinda weird! Angel my rescue cat will follow me into the bathroom everytime I go. She just HAS to be on my lap! I am not kidding...since the day I got her she's had to be on my lap in the bathroom. It's not so bad when I'm on the couch or something, but in the bathroom? Every time? I don't know if it's behavioral, maybe she just fears being abandoned again, I don't know.
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I know it's odd but it is not uncommon. We constantly have threads here about cats who insist on sharing the bathroom and even being part of the proceedings, whether you are using the bath, shower or toilet!
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Yep, my kitties follow me into the bathroom 98% of the time and sometimes Chloe jumps onto my lap. Weird, isn't it?
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well, they don't know what we're doing, all they see is that we're in a safe enclosed space with no one else around, and you have a lap for them! I guess that's why maybe they like it?
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My cat does it all time drive you up the wall
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Read this thread:

Will I ever go to the bathroom by myself again?

Apparently it's really, really common. I know my two have started doing it, and they're only about 4 months old! I'm really not sure what the attraction is, although I know Narsil is fascinated with the tub and the water going down the drain .

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I personally have allowed my kitties to follow me into the bathroom. It's the only door they now INSIST on being open for their entering and leaving. Of course, it stays closed if we have company, but I don't mind otherwise. It's not like they bother my husband to allow them in, so it's not a problem. I think it's cute, and they seem to view it as their special time with mama...not only that, but their time to try to sniff out anything new that might have made it into the room since their last entry...seen as how the door's shut any other time of the day! :o)

I used to have a cat that so insisted on being able to see me and be with me at all hours, that she actually jumped into the shower with me one day! Poor Keykat got a scary, watery experience that day!!
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how long have you had her?

my rescue cat followed me everywhere the first few weeks - toilet, shower, dishwashing, bed etc.

But after awhile she stopped doing it all the time. Maybe she got over her fear of abandonment. Maybe she just felt she had figured me out and didn't have to investigate everything I was doing.
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You are a captive audience and can't get away during the proceedings.......

My husband always says: "they got you where they want you".
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Hi I have a new recused member Destiny and she does the same thing everywhere I go. She wants to be by my side at all times. Bathroom, kitchen. When we eat meals she sits beside my chair and talks to me until I have finished, when I am on the phone same thing. She is actually laying on the back of my computer chair right now. I think she was starved for attention and love. And I am sure as soon as she feels more secure she will settle down.
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Originally Posted by ravin
Hi I have a new recused member Destiny and she does the same thing everywhere I go. She wants to be by my side at all times. Bathroom, kitchen. When we eat meals she sits beside my chair and talks to me until I have finished, when I am on the phone same thing. She is actually laying on the back of my computer chair right now. I think she was starved for attention and love. And I am sure as soon as she feels more secure she will settle down.

I so totally agree! We have had little Saba now for 6 months, a rescue from another WA state TCS member...and she follows me everywhere. I love it! It makes me feel good and she's so GOOD and so well-behaved, I just am blessed by her addition to our household. She has settled down in every other way, and even Sasha washes her face at night now, but she's just afraid of being abandoned, I feel. It might cease in a year or two, who knows?!
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Heh, mine do it too. If I close the bathroom door I immediately get elliot scratching at the door and meowing, and aerowyn lays in front of the door and sticks her paws under it, and meows. Elliot usually just wants me to turn the sink on for him, and aerowyn usually just lays down on the floor and starts cleaning herself. Both of them follow me most of the time anyways. For example, I am in my room right now, and elliot is on his shelf. Aerowyn is on the cat tree.

It would be a bit weird to have them climb on your lap though O_O
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I've had Angel since mid-January not really that long, 6-7 months. When I got Thor in May 2003, he always followed me to the shower and sat on the tub ledge until I was done. Mason will sit on the sink to wait. And Angel, she gets up on top of the shower stall...strange! Whew, glad to know my kitty's not strange. Well, not any stranger than any other kitty!
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My Kali loves to sit on the edge of the tub with me. I think it's hilarious. She also likes to roll around in the tub when it's empty. Sometimes I'll find her with her hair all wet and I'll know where she's been. She's also likes to sit on the sink watching me get ready in the morning. I love that my cat follows me around. I feel such a connection with her.
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my kitten waits in the hall when i use the toilet. but he routinly jumps in the shower with me. its all fine and dandy, he always smells clean
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Our girl also insist on the toilet escort and recently the shower as well.
She can sit on top of the bath cover while we shower without getting wet.
Funny thing, I was having a shower with Ginger on the tub cover and she started to chase the water dribbles and trying to bite the water coming out of the shower head, got herself all wet, I was cracking up and just wishing I had the camera with me
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Ripley always follows me into ther bathroom. She used to get on my lap and now she waits patiently to see the phenomenon in the white thing where everything swirls arond and disappears. She will literally stick her head right in the toilet and swirl her head around watching the action. Its one of her favorite things to do..weirdo
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Lucas is just as weird. He has finally stopped jumping on my lap when I'm on the toilet, but he still hangs around the bathroom until I'm all done. When I'm showering he's right there on the tub ledge, between the curtain and the liner, and once in a while sticks his head in to look (on the side furthest from the shower head though, he doesn't want to get wet, of course!) He jumps right in once I'm done and I then see his little wet paw prints all over the place!!
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Sunni always followed me, now Sophie does. It does seem strange, but I guess not nearly as strange as what we could possibly doing in there must seem to them! We could say turnabout is fair play, but who wants to follow them to the litterbox????
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It sounds like a predominant number of the "followers" were rescues or strays!
I know Rocky does this (the jumping up on the lap or behind me on the tank...
His two compulsions are knowing where I am at all times and telling me not to forget to feed him..(I can see he really worries that I may )
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Oliver constantly follows me around... especially into the bathroom - there's absolutely no shutting the door! When I'm "going" he sits and watches and half the time I can't even stand up before his paws are on the seat to watch the flush... he's AMAZED with the potty! Sometimes, I catch him in there getting a drink like a dog... I often get a kitty head popping into the shower while I'm in there to see what I'm up to and/or he'll be curled up on the rug when I get out... he always lays on the kitchen floor while I'm cooking and I can't sit in bed for 2 seconds without him joining me... currently, he's curled up in my ladybug bean bag chair on the floor next to my desk... gotta be the center of attention, this one!
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We have one full bath, one 3/4.
I for the most part use the 3/4 bath.
At any trip in there I have anywhere from 1 to 4 cats keeping me company
A lot of cats for a tiny bathroom.
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pandy always follows me to the bathroom, she tries to sit in my pants, you know, when they are rolled down that's so ebarrasing!

most of the time she will just sit there and rub her head against my leg or wait paitently for me, other times she will jump onto my shoulder, sometimes my husband comes into the loungeroom with her on his shoulder and i say 'been to the bathroom dear?'

pandy seems to be very possesive of me, when i first brought her she was tiny and very vocal, i would mother her a lot, carry her around, bring her into the room and cuddle her, now she sleeps next to me every night, she will follow me in the middle of the night if i go to the bathroom and promptly follow me back to the room, in the morning she comes into the bathroom and waits for me to have a shower, sometimes she can't find me and i'll hear her crying really loud, all i have to do is call her and she is in my lap in a second purring her little head off

one thing iv'e noticed recently is if bonnie comes up on the bed to cuddle me pandy won't come near me but will just sit on the end of the bed and stare at us until bonnie leaves, she does this everytime i give bonnie attention, just sits and stares as soon as bonnie moves she's back with me straight away.

also recently i have had bonnie pandy and nass congregate at the bathroom door in the morning and then they sometimes all wait for me to finish in the shower, it doesn't happen all the time but it seems to irritate pandy because that's her job, she will let out a litte cry and run away for a minute then come back to see if they are gone....i think i have some strange furbabies

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