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Afriad to leave my kitten

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Our kitten, Pluto, is about 18 weeks and we've had him for about 2 months. We would really like to go on vacation for 4 days but we're afriad to leave him. Pluto's vet has kennel service where he would stay with his toys, bed, and food while we're away. It seems like a reputable service and it's through his vet whom we like very much. I'm just afraid that he's too young to be left at the kennel. This might sound silly but I would hate to traumatize him and have him think that we've left him. Even though I know he'd be taken care of I know it would be stressful for him. Should we wait till he's a bit older?

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Why not hire a pet sitter? Ask the girls at the vet clinic to recommend one.
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He would certainly be happier at home, and less prone to picking up any infection. If you can't get someone to live in, maybe there is someone to come over twice a day and feed and play with him for a while.
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Someone to come in while you're gone is the best idea. But if I was in your place and couldn't do that, I'd go ahead and board him. It sounds like you trust this vet and think they would take good care of him. I'm sure they're aware of what kind of stress this is for a cat and would try to minimize that. And I think he's old enough where age isn't an issue. The only case in which I would really try to avoid boarding is if he hasn't had his first two series of vaccinations. (Some boarding facitilites won't even take unvaccinated animals). But don't worry about him thinking you've left him. He'll get over it soon enough when he's back home.
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Do you possibly have a friend that could either (a) housesit and hang out with him, or possibly (b) at least come by and hang out with him? That's what we've always done with our little ones, and we've had them since they were about four weeks old. Obviously, you should pick someone you trust to go into your house, and that you know the kitty likes and is familiar with. :o)
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