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Cat Litter

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I think I am going to have to change my litter to a multi-cat-litter and was needing some suggestions on what brand. My old cat, Cloey, has started peeing, (twice that I know of) on the floor. My new kitty uses Cloey's litter box too. I do go and check the litter box after she has peed somewhere and it is dirty so I obviously need to keep it cleaned better.

thanks for any help.
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Hi, 3k!

Even with only two kitties, we've found it to be extremely useful to have two litter boxes. They sit side-by-side, with the same litter in each, and we've not had a problem yet. Trying to keep it cleaner is a tought ask. Multi-cat litter does seems to help. We've used Tidy Cat brand...they have several different varieties...we've used the "odor control" one (I think).

If you have the space, I think you'll have an easier time just using two boxes with any type of litter. Just my opinion, though.

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If she starts doing it more often, I would have her checked for a medical problem. What Bill said is a good idea. They can get picky about who is using the litter box and if there is 2, there is also more free litter space. If ones dirty, they can go to the other one. As far as the litter type, I use arm and hammer and like it alot.
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well actually we do have two litter boxes, the little kitties is in my son's room cause that is where she sleeps at night w/the door closed. The other one is in my bathroom where it has been for 9 years. When my sons door is open the little one won't go to the litter box there but goes to the one in my bathroom where the older cat always had gone.

Hope that helps.
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Okay, then my next question would be when did the older cat start doing this and how far apart were the accidents.
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let's see......the first time was about 2 weeks ago and then last night. We do have another male cat.....adopted us about 2 months ago but I think he has been fixed, he does not sleep inside at night but does come in while we are up and home. They have no problem with each other just kinda stay away from each other but Cloey and my little kitty, Gracie, well thats a different story.....Gracies just loves to bug the stew out of Cloey and Cloey will not retaliate!!!! She just growls and hisses at her. We got Gracie back in July. Cloey (the older cat) is fixed and declawed but does go outside some when we are home. Gracie has just started going outside about 2 weeks ago.
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I know that Cloey is really stressed out over Gracie.....do you know of anything that I can give her to help with that?
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It sounds like a stress thing to me too. If the accidents were 2 weeks apart then I would say she may be stressed and trying to tell you, the litter box just needs to be cleaned more often or Gracie was in the wrong box at the wrong time. You can try to give Cloey some Dr. Bachs rescue remedy. It doesn't work with every cat, but it is worth a shot for right now. It may even help her to fight back and make a stand with Gracie. I would give it to her once or twice a day for a few weeks and see if it helps any.
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what exactly is this Dr. Bachs rescue remedy? and where can you get this?

Oh, thanks for all the help. I think it is stress too. I can see it in her face. It looks like all of a sudden she has gotten grey hair around her face where is used to be solid black.
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It is an all-natural stress reliever both for humans and animals. You can buy it at any good health food store, costs anywhere from $13.00 to $16.00 for 20 ml You place a few drops under the cats tongue and it either works within 20 minutes, or it doesn't. I have one cat Ripster the Terrorist, who the stuff doesn't even phase, and the others just get mellow with it. It is good to have on hand in your cat first aid box regardless. I use it too right before vet trips for my ferals, it takes the edge off.
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Also, if the problem is related to the cleanliness of the box, invest in a littermaid self-scooping box. They are rather pricey but worth every cent, in my opinion.
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