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Our mini break

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Took Vader to the coast today and spent the day at the beach. He was a real goof ball and had a great time- crashed all the way home, I guess fighting waves and dragging driftwood up the trail tired him out-

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Oh MA. I just can't put into words how much I love this little boy. He's gorgeous!
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Aww... MA, what a sweetie Vader is!!
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oh my goodness! Vader is such a gorgeous boy!!! I love the picture of him on the beach, and then the one of him all tuckered out!!!

He is such a sweetheart!!!!
Wonderful pictures as always, MA!!!
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what a cutie!!!
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He is so cute, I see his ears are starting to do the stand up thing. I think they are so adorable, during that stage.

Does he trip over his big feet? I remember I used to call my Liebe, "Klutz" because she was always tripping over those big feet when she was a puppy.
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\\No, we just trip over him! I told Mike we should have called him Tripper! No way would this dog ever run away from us, he is to bonded-
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Ah yes ... puppies at the beach. What could possibly be more amusing than watching the antics of a little one there? I KNOW you had to be laughing the whole time at him. He is absolutely precious and I love his facial expression in that one picture with those big old satellite dish ears standing straight upwards! He is so very, very cute!

Glad you all had a good time!

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Sounds like a wonderful day..he's adorable
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Awwww look at his ears!

I could watch cats and dogs sleep like that until they wake up again, theres nothing more precious
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Beautiful pix of a gorgeous dog. I do so want one but I have never introduced a dog into a cat household and I am really scared of how to do it.
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So cute. I love the ears
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aw my god, look at those beautiful ears!!!!!
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He is gorgeous!!! GSDs are great dogs...I am envious!! Puppies are almost as cute as kittens!
I am trying to talk my BF into getting a GSD someday...he's intimidated by big dogs, which is understandable. I keep telling him that if we get it when it's a puppy, it will think of us as mommy and daddy and love us.
My mom has a GSD named Big Jake. He's the biggest GSD I have ever seen. He looked just like Vader when he was a baby! All ears and paws. hehe Jake's ears never got past the floppy stage, though..for some reaason they never stood up. He's our handsome flop-eared boy. Poor thing has everything wrong with him, though...he's about 34" tall and only weighs 90lbs because of his digestive issues. Mom spends more on vet care for him than most people spend on their kids' doctor! lol
Here is a pic of Jakie-boy with his best friend Kate:
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He is just so adorable. Great pictures!
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He's a gorgeous fellow, MA, lovely pics -- looks like he had a splendid time. Hope his humans did, too!
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Originally Posted by hissy
No, we just trip over him! I told Mike we should have called him Tripper!
I just call them "speed bumps" here. What an adorable boy you have!!
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Awwww It's a shame they don't stay puppy like forever! He's really lovely, thanks for the pics.
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