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I am frustrated beyond belief with trying to get photos onto my cat pages. Every file I have is bigger than 30K, and I have no idea as to how to make them small enough. Any help available?
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With photoshop you can "save for web" with great results. Pictures that are 450 pixels wide, I can usually save for web at about 15k without losing quality.

If you don't have Photoshop - email the pictures over to me and I'll resize them for you.
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Well, in the good news department, Hissy agreed to resize them for me.

In the bad news department, the cat pages seem to be down.

Today is just not my day.
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Well, my problems continue. Hissy has resized my pictures for me, but when I try to upload them, I get a page with an error message (and not the usual message that the file is too big). That is for Joey's page. I haven't even been able to get to Squirt's page to try, nor do I remember what number his is. I should have given up on this project before my sanity could be brought into question.

At least I get to use my favorite smilie.

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Deb, email the pictures to me (you can use the original files or the resized) and let me know the page number and I'll upload them for you from the admin's panel.
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Ok, Anne, I'll send them to you, as I am still having no luck.
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