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The Kitten Who came home

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I posted here initially asking how to rehome a kitten. As we already own 3 dogs and 2 cats and it had been a week of vet bills, we needed another pet like a hole in the head. Somehow, though, this little orange-striped stinker who squirmed his way under our shed squirmed his way into out hearts--and the hearts of all 5 of our pets. So I guess we found him a home already--or he found it himself.

The first of our crew who took to this little charming fuzzball was our alpha dog pom, Gold. Gold loves to play, but he often is prone to jealousy and wants to keep all the other pets in line. I suppose being the smallest (a hefty 6 pounds) he has a Napolean complex. When he first met this little kitten, I expected him to stalk him or try to chase him. I expected the kitten to be afraid. What happens? The kitten runs up to Gold and marks him. Then Gold decides the kitten needs a good bath and licks the heck out of him. This kind of introduction continued with our other two dogs and after the kitten was quarantined for URI for two weeks - we saw the same kind of intro with BOTH our cats. This is insane! None of our animals have ever taken to a new comer so quickly--nor vice versa.

This kitten has become so close with our other animals--especially our two Poms and our orange cat, Stewy, that he's been named "Mini Mew" (from Mini Me in Austin Powers). He looks like a tini Stewi and Gold clone because of his deep orange color. He LOVES play and has no fear, but seems to understand bounderies and respects the space of others when they need it. Still, this is the first time we've ever had a kitten. I have a feeling for the next year, not a single pet in this house (nor myself and dh) will be well-rested. Oh, well. I suppose we all could use the exercise.
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That's really great. I'm glad you can keep him.
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He must be a really special little guy to have become the darling of the house so quickly. We would love to see a pic of him.
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Oh, I'm so glad you can keep him! They know where they want to be. Many years ago I had a big orange boy "relocate" himself to my house from his family 1.5 blocks away. They came once & took him home -- 3 days later he came back and never left again. Sweet memories of my precious "Nermy" - may your Kitten Who Came Home fill your life with precious memories too
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I'd love to see pics too.
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Adorable! I'm glad you decided to keep Mini Mew!
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He looks like a real sweetie. Cats really do pick their people you know.
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I am glad he found you and your critters!! He is one smart kittie I think.
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