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Yin-Yang Cats

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Slightly off center, but you get the idea.
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Hehehe! They look so comfy.....I'm inspired to go take a little cat nap myself!
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That's such a sweet picture!
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That is a really creative photo of your two beautiful Zen cats.
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They are so beautiful!

I have a semi-yin yang one too from last week.
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Awwwww i love kitts that nap together!
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Sleepy babies. So cute - great pictures
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That´s cool the tittle of your thread!!!!

And your lovely kittys too!! .......
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i have the prefect pic for this thread!!! ill have to find it later since im on johns laptop right now
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Thats a really cute pic!!
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Cute Pic
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my friend in florida took this of his kitties on his porch one day...

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all of those pics are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If mine would only do that!! Great pictures everyone!!
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I'm speechless.
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